Wrestling for My Life

Wrestling for My Life Author Shawn Michaels
ISBN-10 9780310340799
Release 2015-02-10
Pages 176
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In Wrestling for My Life, WWE superstar Shawn Michaels shares from his heart about the highs and lows of his life inside the WWE. Included are some never-before-shared stories and an intimate look into his career as well as stories of hunting, family, and faith. With millions of fans, Michaels had adulation and all the attention he could ask for, but he discovered there was something more. When he became a committed Christian during his years in the WWE it had to affect everything. Michaels reveals what it is like to be a man of faith in this unusual world and shares insights for all of us.

Wrestling For My Jewish Identity

Wrestling For My Jewish Identity Author Elisheva Irma Diaz
ISBN-10 9781525514739
Pages 174
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​​What could possibly prompt a world-acclaimed respected Christian, pastor, author, and public speaker to embrace Judaism? And not just embrace it, but become a rabbi? Wrestling For My Jewish Identity: An Eclipse with Reality is the true story of Elisheva Irma Diaz’s journey to reclaim her Jewish heritage and the faith for which she believes she was born. It explores how a Crypto-Jew found her way out of Exile and reclaimed her blood legacy despite experiencing disappointment and ridicule from those who knew her as a Christian leader and prejudice from many in the Jewish community she joined. Moreover, beyond being a personal account, Wrestling For ​My​​ ​Jewish Identity also provides support for the Anusim, those with a Crypto-Jewish background – and practicing Jews – who are grappling with the following questions: “Who am I? Who have I become? Where am I? Where am I headed? Who am I supposed to be?” In the midst of a Sephardic revolutionary movement of Jews throughout the diaspora, and especially in Latin and South America, who are awakening to their heritage, Elisheva’s message persists: we must not ignore the calling of the blood that runs through our veins, our spiritual DNA, and as Jews, we must accept that “a Jew is a Jew” regardless of where they have landed in Exile.

Wrestling With Life

Wrestling With Life Author Phil Nowick
ISBN-10 9781456758196
Release 2011-04
Pages 172
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Phil shares his personal ecstasy and anguish in learning the lessons of life through wrestling. The vivid and intimate descriptions of his hilarious and sometimes terrifying experiences keep you wanting to read more about his life.

My Life Outside the Ring

My Life Outside the Ring Author Hulk Hogan
ISBN-10 9781848946675
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 300
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Hulk Hogan, born Terry Bollea, burst onto the professional wrestling scene in the late seventies and went on to become a world wrestling champion many times over. From humble beginnings, this giant of a man escaped a pre-ordained life of dock and construction work in Port Tampa, Florida, to become one of the most recognizable celebrities on the planet. He did it through sheer will, grit, determination, and a drive to always go over the top and do more than what others thought possible. From the outside, his story was one of a charmed life – he was at the top of his career, had a wonderful and loving family, and a lifelong fan base who worshipped him. Of course he had his up and downs – including hints of steroid abuse and his falling out with WWE and Vince McMahon – but it’s been the last two years that have tested Hogan more than any other in his lifetime. In 2007, while riding the success of his reality show, Hogan Knows Best, his son Nick was involved in a tragic car accident that left his best friend in critical condition. Then Linda, his wife, left him after 23 years of marriage, his beloved daughter Brooke blamed him for the breakup and his son went to jail. The tabloid media had a field day. The sudden turmoil and tragedy surrounding Hogan took its toll. He fell into a deep depression, seeing no way out, until one fateful phone call. In My Life Outside the Ring, Hogan will unabashedly recount these events, revealing how his new found clarity steadied him during the most difficult match of his life – and how he emerged from the battle feeling stronger than ever before.

Heartbreak Triumph

Heartbreak   Triumph Author Shawn Michaels
ISBN-10 1439121737
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 352
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World Wrestling Entertainment fans think they know "The Heartbreak Kid." He's "The Showstopper" who pushes his high-flying abilities to the limit in the squared circle, on ladders, and in steel cages. He's the company's first "Grand Slam" champion. And of course, he's forever the guy who conspired with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to screw Bret "Hitman" Hart out of the WWE Championship in Montreal at Survivor Series on November 9, 1997. But that's the side "HBK" has allowed you to see...until now. Heartbreak & Triumph: The Shawn Michaels Story introduces us to Michael Shawn Hickenbottom, the youngest of four children whose "really conservative upbringing" made him shy and "afraid that people wouldn't like me if I showed who I really was." But upon discovering Southwest Championship Wrestling (SWCW) on TV one Saturday night, the preteen Hickenbottom realized instantly what he wanted to become, and later would convince his father—a colonel in the U.S. Air Force—to let him pursue his dream. From there, Hickenbottom fully recounts the events that led to "Shawn Michaels's" tutelage under Mexican wrestler Jose Lothario; working matches at Mid-South Wrestling under the guidance of Terry Taylor and the Rock 'n' Roll Express's Robert Gibson & Ricky Morton; flying high with Marty Jannetty as "The Midnight Rockers" in the American Wrestling Association (AWA); and how a barroom confrontation in Buffalo almost prevented the tandem from ever joining the World Wrestling Federation. While reliving the crippling back injury that forced him to retire in his prime, Michaels credits the new loves in his life—his second wife Rebecca, his children, and his newfound faith—with giving him the strength to kick his habit, recover physically, and make a jubilant return to the ring at SummerSlam 2002. Now back on top and doing what he enjoys most, the WWE Superstar regards Heartbreak & Triumph as the perfect means "to review my life, and attempt to figure out how I became the person I am."


Slobberknocker Author Jim Ross
ISBN-10 168358113X
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 352
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The wrestling biography you've been waiting for.

G l Liman Oteli

G  l Liman   Oteli Author Debbie Macomber
ISBN-10 9789944825788
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 525
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New York Times Bestseller yazarı Debbie Macomber'dan yürekleri ısıtacak yeni bir seri: Jo Marie Rose, Sedir Koyu'na yeni bir başlangıç yapmak ve biraz olsun huzura kavuşmak için gelir. Kocasının ölümünün acısını atlatmaya çalışan genç kadın, burada bir otel satın alır ve otelin adını değiştirip Gül Limanı Oteli koyar. Buranın yeni başlayacağı hayatı için doğru yer olduğunu hissetmektedir. Ancak otel ve ilk gelen konuklar, Jo Marie'ye beklediğinden çok daha büyük sürprizler yapacaktır. Debbie Macomber'ın kitapları dünyada toplam 150 milyon adet sattı! Ülkemizde de büyük ilgi gördü ve çok satanlar listelerinde uzun süre kaldı!

My Life in Wrestling

My Life in Wrestling   Author Gary C. Hart
ISBN-10 0692000461
Release 2009
Pages 472
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"The long-awaited autobiography of Gary Hart is more than just another wrestling memoir. Its the book that everyone who loves old-school wrestling has waited years to read. From his unique and privileged vantage point, Gary Hart shares, among other things, a behind-the-scenes history of World Class and Texas wrestling, the compelling story of the plane crash that took the life of Bobby Shane, and detailed insight into some of the biggest wrestling angles of all time, such as "the Dusty turn" in 1974 and Christmas night 1982 in Dallas. My Life in WrestlingWith a Little Help From My Friends is a ruthlessly honest look at one of the greatest wrestling minds of all time, written with humor, intelligence, and a deep affection that only Playboy Gary Hart himself could provide." -- Publisher's website.

Wrestling for the Blessing When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Wrestling for the Blessing  When  Bad  Things Happen to  Good  People Author Sara Thompson
ISBN-10 9781629074375
Release 2013-09-13
Pages 200
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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though NOTHING is a miracle, and the other is as though EVERYTHING is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein and I believe on miracles—join us! In fact, if I could just say one thing to you, it would be; ‘Always, always, always… Expect a Miracle!’ Through the pages of my book you will find sometimes graphic and possibly disturbing situations. But, don’t give up—please continue reading—I promise you, I reveal the blessings hidden deep inside all of those uglier ‘messings’. Together, we will uncover: The blueprint to wrestling for your very own blessings The secrets to revealing your personal miracles The process to doubling your blessings by paying them forward.

Zar adam

Zar adam Author Luke Rhinehart
ISBN-10 6055943395
Release 2008
Pages 464
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Zar adam has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Zar adam also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Zar adam book for free.

Physical Chess

Physical Chess Author Billy Robinson
ISBN-10 9781770902152
Release 2012-08-28
Pages 220
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In this fascinating autobiography, professional wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA) guru Billy Robinson recounts his upbringing amid a family of champion fighters, his worldwide travels, and his time as a pro-wrestling television star. The memoir fills a crucial gap in the history of catch-as-catch-can wrestling while simultaneously chronicling the subject's life in his own inimitable voice. Starting with Robinson's upbringing in a working-class family in post-World War II England, the record journeys through his career as a professional wrestler, concluding with his current profession as a highly sought-after MMA coach, training legends such as Kazushi Sakuraba and Josh Barnett. For the first time, this narrative sets the record straight on the author's infamous street fight with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's grandfather and the accomplishments of some of the world's greatest competitive grapplers. Both eye-opening and inspiring, Robinson's story spans wrestling from before its first appearances on television to its presence in today's social media, demanding a unique place on the bookshelves of pro-wrestling and MMA fans alike.

Wrestling the Hulk

Wrestling the Hulk Author Linda Hogan
ISBN-10 9780062092397
Release 2011-06-28
Pages 256
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Linda Hogan spent twenty-four years married to American wrestling icon Hulk Hogan. In Wrestling the Hulk, Linda shares her deeply personal stories about life with the WWF superstar—stories of abuse, infidelity, celebrity, her “life on the ropes,” and how the former VH-1 reality TV star managed to step out of her marriage ring and make a fresh start.

Sokak Kedisi Bob

Sokak Kedisi Bob Author James Bowen
ISBN-10 6056370801
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 224
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When James Bowen found an injured, ginger street cat curled up in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation, he had no idea just how much his life was about to change.

Harry Potter ve Lanetli Cocuk 8 Kitap

Harry Potter ve Lanetli Cocuk   8  Kitap Author John Tiffany
ISBN-10 9750837606
Release 2016-11-01
Pages 360
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Harry Potter ve Lanetli Cocuk 8 Kitap has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Harry Potter ve Lanetli Cocuk 8 Kitap also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Harry Potter ve Lanetli Cocuk 8 Kitap book for free.


Uyumsuz Author Verenico Roth
ISBN-10 6051424229
Release 2014-05-01
Pages 516
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Uyumsuz has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Uyumsuz also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Uyumsuz book for free.

The Stone Cold Truth

The Stone Cold Truth Author Steve Austin
ISBN-10 9781471109270
Release 2012-12-25
Pages 352
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On 14 January 2003 Steve Austin was voted the best professional wrestler of the last ten years in a WWE fan poll. In addition to the WWE he has wrestled in the ECW, the WCW and WWF. He has been known as The Ring Master, Superstar Steve Austin, Stunning Steve Austin and now Stone Cold Steve Austin. He has held the tag team belt in WCW and WWF, the Million Dollar Belt and the Intercontinental Championship in WWF. He won the 1996 King of the Ring, the 1997 Royal Rumble and the Larry Flynt Freedom of Speech Slammy. Steve Austin is by far the best and most exciting wrestler today. A notoriously private man, this is the book his fans have been waiting for: his own personal story, told in full for the first time.

The Hardcore Truth

The Hardcore Truth Author Bob Holly
ISBN-10 9781770903791
Release 2013-05-09
Pages 300
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Long before he became 'Hardcore Holly,' Robert Howard was a fighter. From humble beginnings to fame as an internationally known superstar, The Hardcore Truth tells the story of Bob's life including his 16 years working for Vince McMahon. In this rollercoaster tale of success and frustration, replete with missed opportunities, broken promises and a broken neck, Bob shares his uncompromising views on the present wrestling landscape with fascinating insights into the world leader in sports entertainment.