Winning the Game

Winning the Game Author Renata Brunner-Jass
ISBN-10 9781599535678
Release 2013-01
Pages 48
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"The mathematical concepts of place value and integers are introduced as students design a board game in which they must keep track of distance with addition and multiplication. Readers learn about expanded notation and place value charts. Includes a discover activity, history connection, and mathematical vocabulary introduction"--

The Book On Winning The Game Of Life

The Book On Winning The Game Of Life Author Kevin Abdulrahman
ISBN-10 9781614481157
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 228
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Life is a game, yet most people don’t know how to play to win. Most people work very hard and try to emulate other successful people only to fail miserably. As Kevin puts it, “Most people lack the secret weapons.” In The Book, Kevin will help expose the secret weapons so that you can then take them on and develop to a point where you become a master of the weapons. It’s only then that you will have everything you want in your life. What makes successful people good at whatever they put their minds to? What makes winners win? What makes a small percentage of people live the ultimate lifestyle and enjoy happiness? All that is revealed in The Book on Winning the Game Of Life.

Winning the Game

Winning the Game Author Eric Kelly
ISBN-10 9781608446100
Release 2010-08
Pages 104
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Eric Kelly is a noted author and lecturer. His experience competing in the athletic and corporate arenas has given him keen insight into human behavior. He has authored two previous works, Pepper in the Salt Shaker: One Man's Spiritual Journey through Corporate America and The Corporate Survivor Handbook. In Winning the Game he shares interesting perspectives on what it takes to have a great life. Eric blends his experience from senior management positions he has held in various Fortune 500 companies and his competitive efforts in martial arts, bodybuilding and team athletics. He also shares the story of his own personal struggles with self-destructive behavior and what it takes to overcome life's obstacles and truly live the good life. Winning the Game gives you a simple plan for living a full and enjoyable life.

Winning the Game and Other Stories

Winning the Game and Other Stories Author Rubem Fonseca
ISBN-10 9781933227474
Release 2013-03-12
Pages 208
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With an unflinching, unsentimental eye and a soupcon of black humor, Fonseca chronicles the foibles, manias, and obsessions of the people of Brazil's metropolises

The Real Life MBA The no nonsense guide to winning the game building a team and growing your career

The Real Life MBA  The no nonsense guide to winning the game  building a team and growing your career Author Jack Welch
ISBN-10 9780007594382
Release 2015-04-14
Pages 288
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Business authors Jack and Suzy Welch return, nearly a decade after publishing their international bestseller, Winning, to tackle the most pressing business challenges in the modern world. From creating winning strategies to leading and managing others The Real Life MBA acts as an essential guide for every person in business today - and tomorrow.

The Win Win Book

The Win Win Book Author Garo Yepremian
ISBN-10 0966166000
Release 1997-12-01
Pages 192
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The Win Win Book has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Win Win Book also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Win Win Book book for free.

Winning the Knowledge Game

Winning the Knowledge Game Author Alastair Rylatt
ISBN-10 9781136348587
Release 2012-05-31
Pages 224
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Winning the Knowledge Game focuses on the thinking and attitudes required to remain knowledgeable, competitive and high performing. Topics include: having a winning strategy, improving collaboration and teamwork, creating a smarter business, competitive intelligence, protecting intellectual property, keeping talent, leveraging the latest digital technology, increasing customer loyalty and measuring the impact of your people on performance, market value and society. Winning the Knowledge Game provides practical advice on the strategies, tactics and systems you need to remain capable and agile in this rapidly changing business world. To help you meet this challenge, Winning the Knowledge Game explores three questions: * How do you open the hearts and minds of people to smarter learning? * How do you grow competitive advantage? * How do you sustain and ensure lasting success? All managers need to learn the skill of acquiring and putting knowledge to work if they are to successful. Most of all they need to learn how to play the knowledge game every day of their life. Do not leave things to chance discover the ideas and tips that will deliver a measurable improvement to your business leadership, performance and career.

Winning the Global Game

Winning the Global Game Author Jeffrey Rosensweig
ISBN-10 9781439136317
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 272
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In the 21st century global economy, emerging nations will provide almost half of the potential customers for western goods and services, concludes international business expert Jeffrey A. Rosensweig. Drawing on extensive research, Rosensweig contends that firms with truly global strategies will profit from the untapped resources of emerging markets and at the same time improve the living standards of the world?s poor. Dismissing the doomsday scenario that so-called Third World nations will continue to be mired in poverty, he argues persuasively that western executives must break out of the mindset that profitable ventures can only be found within the ?Triad? of the United States, Europe, and Japan. Rosensweig reminds us that American exports to emerging nations have tripled since 1986. He projects that, by the year 2010, the world will contain six great regional economies -- four of them in Asia -- and that three of every eight middle-class consumers will reside in the developing world. In clear, nontechnical language, he explains how executives can identify trends of globalization and apply them to business strategy, particularly to what he calls a ?time-phased? global strategy for synchronizing a firm?s investments with the progress of emerging middle classes. Winning the Global Game demonstrates that adopting a global perspective now is a win-win strategy that links people and profits. It will be important reading for all multinational executives and managers in firms which are going global. The chapter on 21st century personal career strategy will appeal particularly to the aspiring global executive.

Winning in the Game of Life

Winning in the Game of Life Author Tom Gegax
ISBN-10 0974067504
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 318
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Hungry for a different kind of winning? According to entrepreneur Tom Gegax, in the game of life, effective self-coaching is the first step to success that encompasses every aspect of life. Gegax should know; he thought he had it all until a three-ring wake-up call of divorce, cancer, and a business in crisis changed his game forever. Through a self-designed program of personal and professional evolution, Gegax recovered and now enjoys a life rich with family, friends, peak health, and a thriving company. Winning in the Game of Life, Gegax's integrated plan, merges the lessons of home and work into lessons of life. This unified approach helps you identify your purpose in life -- your guiding mission -- and teaches you the strategies that put it in play, including the Seven Take-Action Steps. Strategies for effective communication, better organization, and time competency smooth the way. Self-coaching plans for real wellness of body, intellect, psyche, and spirit plus ten lessons to ensure lifetime learning help keep you on a winning track. Integrating the best of Western business models, mind-body techniques, and spiritual wisdom, Gegax's comprehensive game plan will dismantle barriers to a fuller life and awaken your true potential.

Winning the Publications Game

Winning the Publications Game Author Tim Albert
ISBN-10 9781498787000
Release 2016-02-19
Pages 140
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The publications game can seem tricky: knowing where to start, how to plan and draft a paper, who to pitch it to and how to present it can appear difficult enough. With the advent of e-publishing and ever-tougher regulatory frameworks surrounding research, the picture can seem even more intimidating. In this classic guide, Tim Albert demystifies the process of getting research published in his characteristically clear and engaging style. From the initial brief to final manuscript and beyond, all is explained in jargon-free, no-nonsense and encouraging terms, providing indispensable guidance to clinicians, scientists and academics in giving their research the platform it deserves.

Your Healthcare Playbook

Your Healthcare Playbook Author Dennis Deruelle
ISBN-10 9781682612422
Release 2017-04-25
Pages 272
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Most Americans are facing higher premiums and spending more of their own money on healthcare. To make things worse, the laws and rules are confusing and change almost daily. Dr. Dennis Deruelle uses the NFL like a Rosetta Stone, using simple football analogies to help you get the highest quality care at the lowest cost. Teams are the future of healthcare. Many of the new changes to healthcare are similar to the best practices of the NFL. In Your Healthcare Playbook, Dr. Deruelle uses the NFL, the most successful franchise in American history, to break down the information so that it’s easy to understand. You will hear insights from key members of the NFL as well as some of the foremost doctors and safety experts who will help you and your family stay safe. With over 20 years in practice, Dr. Deruelle comes to the rescue with a nonpartisan explanation of the law. He uses simple football terms to help you understand how to navigate your new healthcare.

Instant tennis 2

Instant tennis 2 Author Infinite Ideas
ISBN-10 9781908189905
Release 2011-12-14
Pages 59
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This little book offers you the opportunity to learn from the tennis experts to help you develop your own mental toughness. Whether you’re an aspiring Federer or simply want to play better at local club level you’ll find some great tips and techniques that will improve your game. Enjoy!

Sports Analytics and Data Science

Sports Analytics and Data Science Author Thomas W. Miller
ISBN-10 9780133887419
Release 2015-11-18
Pages 225
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. This up-to-the-minute reference will help you master all three facets of sports analytics — and use it to win! Sports Analytics and Data Science is the most accessible and practical guide to sports analytics for everyone who cares about winning and everyone who is interested in data science. You’ll discover how successful sports analytics blends business and sports savvy, modern information technology, and sophisticated modeling techniques. You’ll master the discipline through realistic sports vignettes and intuitive data visualizations–not complex math. Every chapter focuses on one key sports analytics application. Miller guides you through assessing players and teams, predicting scores and making game-day decisions, crafting brands and marketing messages, increasing revenue and profitability, and much more. Step by step, you’ll learn how analysts transform raw data and analytical models into wins: both on the field and in any sports business.

Winning at the Game of Wife

Winning at the Game of Wife Author James T. Horning
ISBN-10 9781630476755
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 180
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Become the man your wife deserves and unleash her inner goddess. Leave her wondering “Where have you been all my life!” If that sounds extreme, "Winning at the Game of Wife" may not be for you. If you’re one of those guys who enjoys mediocrity and status quo, you might find some of the contents intimidating and even shocking. Author James T. Horning knows what a woman wants. He’s discovered how meeting a woman’s needs on her terms fuels her passion, desire and attraction for her man. His uncommon insights into the dynamics between the sexes are unabashedly poignant and profoundly on target. Seventeen years ago after his wife threatened to jump from a speeding vehicle to get away from him, James realized that he wasn’t being the husband his wife deserved. After fifteen subsequent years of self-realization, research and practice, he realized that his marriage had become his life’s greatest experience and the admiration of others. What is the Secret to having a passion filled marriage in these modern times? What happened to the woman I married and how do I get her back? How do you bring the sex back into my sexless marriage? Why don’t we have anything in common anymore? Answer to these questions and more in "Winning at the Game of Wife."

Give Me the Ball

Give Me the Ball Author Nathan R. Mitchell
ISBN-10 1936750457
Release 2011-06-01
Pages 220
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Starting a business is easy - Winning the game of business is not. Unfortunately, most startups fail. And even those who are able to defy the odds and ultimately win, often encounter obstacles along the way. In Give Me The Ball!, Business Coach Nathan R. Mitchell identifies and explores the key fundamentals that can improve anyone's chances of getting in the game and winning. Utilizing a non-academic, practical approach to entrepreneurship, Give Me The Ball! offers invaluable advice to anyone who knows they are destined for more, and that the world is anxiously awaiting their personal contribution. "This book is loaded with practical ideas and strategies to rapidly increase your sales and profitability." Brian Tracy - Founder of Brian Tracy International and Top Selling Author "Rather than give the typical academic look at the fundamental steps in building a business, Nathan chose to take a different route and get it straight from the horse's mouth." Jay B Myers - Founder of Interactive Solutions, Author of Keep Swinging and winnet of the 2010 Ethan Award

How To Play The Game Of Life And Win

How To Play The Game Of Life And Win Author John Adam Kovin
ISBN-10 9780595306954
Release 2004-02
Pages 220
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The critics are calling How To Play the Game Of Life And Win one of the best self-help books ever written. Not since The Road Less Traveled have I been so moved. John is evidence to me that God speaks and works through other people. This book is divinely inspired. -Rev. Donald TheodoreDestined to be a bestseller. -Rick Gerard, Miami WeeklyWritten in simple yet profound language that is easy to understand. It is helpful and can be an inspiration to everyone. John is a great writer with a strong message. -Betsy A Haas, MA, President, Esteemed Human Development This book is a guide to changing our old ways of thinking that are no longer working and replacing them with simple solutions. We all have the ability to fine-tune our instincts. When we learn to love other people we, learn to love ourselves in return. It is only when we recognize that we are both the problem and the solution that we are able to grow both mentally and spiritually.

How to Make Every Putt

How to Make Every Putt Author Joseph Parent
ISBN-10 9781101621721
Release 2013-05-02
Pages 176
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A simple and concise guide to confidence and skill in putting by a renowned golf instructor and the bestselling author of Zen Golf and Zen Putting Dr. Joseph Parent is the highly sought-after PGA TOUR and LPGA instructor who has helped major champions Vijay Singh and Cristie Kerr reach #1 in the World Ranking. In the classic Zen Putting, Parent approached the art of putting in the context of Zen Buddhist philosophy. In How to Make Every Putt, he shifts focus to the immediate physical and mental challenges of golf’s game within the game, providing simple yet powerful techniques that will unlock the secrets to confident, stress-free putting and improve any golfer’s score. Comprised of seven sections on key topics—Confidence, Green Reading, Speed, Stroke, Ideal Putting Routine, Challenging Putts, and Continuous Improvement—this pithy, practical volume combines updated and revised lessons from Zen Putting with a step-by-step method for mastering the ideal putting routine, as well as new tips from the author’s years of extensive work with the pros. Parent offers tried and true advice on how to master the essentials of great putting, including: Feeling the confidence that you can make every putt How to read greens for line and speed The secret to a great putting routine How to get better while you play Featuring links to insightful video clips, along with game-changing drills and exercises that golfers can practice at home or on the putting green, How to Make Every Putt is sure to become a staple in every golfer’s library.