When Your Parents Divorce

When Your Parents Divorce Author Kimberly King
ISBN-10 1633934462
Release 2017-01-30
Pages 60
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When Your Parents Divorce has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from When Your Parents Divorce also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full When Your Parents Divorce book for free.

What in the World Do You Do When Your Parents Divorce

What in the World Do You Do When Your Parents Divorce Author Kent Winchester
ISBN-10 9781575428833
Release 2001-06-15
Pages 128
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This companion to Speaking of Divorce is for kids ages 7–12. In a simple question-and-answer format, the book gently explains what divorce is, why parents decide to divorce, new living arrangements, how to handle feelings, and other basics to help children understand what's happening in their lives. With honesty and simplicity, the authors help children realize that divorce isn't their fault, strong emotions are okay, and families can survive difficult changes. Written to and for kids, this book is also recommended for parents, educators, counselors, and youth workers.

Divorce Is Not the End of the World

Divorce Is Not the End of the World Author Zoe Stern
ISBN-10 9781582462417
Release 2008
Pages 101
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A teenage brother and sister whose parents are divorced discuss topics relating to this situation, and their mother offers her own insights. Original.

The Kids Book of Divorce

The Kids  Book of Divorce Author Fayerweather Street School. Unit
ISBN-10 0394710185
Release 1981
Pages 122
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Twenty school children, fourteen of whose parents are divorced, discuss the various aspects of divorce and give advice on coping with the feelings, fears, and problems caused by divorce and its aftermath.

Coparenting After Divorce

Coparenting After Divorce Author Debra K. Carter
ISBN-10 9781936268894
Release 2015-05-12
Pages 217
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Divorce is not something that happens once in a courtroom. It is a lifetime change for everyone in the family. Old patterns have to be changed and new patterns have to be tried out and then kept or thrown away. Using a GPS analogy, CoParenting After Divorce: A GPS for Healthy Kids presents a road map to making changes in the new family system, either with or without the help of a parenting coordinator. Included are: - Explanations of the process - Examples of parenting coordination - Self-assessment exercises to help parents assess their own behaviors - Specific tools to help improve communication, focus on children’s needs, and resolve parenting issues - Develop a customized parenting plan The whole family will benefit from this dynamic, scientifically-supported information. It will help parents understand the benefits parenting coordination; how to track factors important for children’s development; how and when to adjust the parenting plan; and how to handle bumps in the road and avoid common mistakes!

The Way They Were

The Way They Were Author Brooke Lea Foster
ISBN-10 9780307422460
Release 2007-12-18
Pages 320
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How to deal with your parents’ divorce when you’re not a kid anymore As the divorce rate soars among the baby-boomer generation, more and more people in their twenties and thirties are being faced with the divorce of their parents, and few resources exist to help them cope with their unique circumstances. Written by an award-winning journalist who has lived through her own parents’ midlife divorce, this practical, comforting guide includes advice on: • How to help your parents without getting caught in the middle • How to have tough conversations with your parents about money, property, and inheritance—theirs and yours • How to understand the complexities of infidelity and stepfamilies • How to rebuild relationships with each parent after the divorce From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Divorce Helpbook for Kids

The Divorce Helpbook for Kids Author Cynthia MacGregor
ISBN-10 1886230390
Release 2001
Pages 133
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Divorce is tough on kids. MacGregor knows how tough it can be, and she has prepared a down-to-earth guide that genuinely helps. Included are discussions of many topics troubling kids when their parents divorce: reasons parents get divorced, the ways the divorce will change kids' lives, and much more.

Nolo s Essential Guide to Divorce

Nolo s Essential Guide to Divorce Author Emily Doskow
ISBN-10 9781413322675
Release 2016-06-20
Pages 528
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Information and guidance about the divorce process and steps of working with lawyers or mediators.

Nolo s Essential Guide to Child Custody and Support

Nolo   s Essential Guide to Child Custody and Support Author Emily Doskow
ISBN-10 9781413324358
Release 2017-10-30
Pages 392
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When you’re getting divorced, you can make a tough time easier for your children (and yourself) if you and the other parent can create your own custody plan and agree on child support. If you can’t work out custody and support, you’ll have to head to court and ask a judge to step in Either way, Nolo’s Essential Guide to Child Custody & Support can help. You’ll learn: how negotiation and mediation can keep costs down, ease the transition for kids, and improve future dealings with your ex where to find your state’s child support guidelines how judges make custody decisions how to enforce and change custody and support orders how court trials work what military families need to know when you need a lawyer and how to work with one You’ll also find specifics about each state’s laws, including what factors courts consider when they rule on custody arrangements, what happens when one parent wants to move away with the children, and how you can change custody or support orders.

Dealing with Divorce Leader s Guide

Dealing with Divorce Leader s Guide Author Elizabeth Oates
ISBN-10 9780310861614
Release 2009-08-30
Pages 160
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"Sadly, Christian teens are not immune to the effects of divorce. Even among Christian families, the divorce rate is more than 50 percent. The emotions and issues that are brought up after divorce can leave teens feeling lost and confused about their family and their faith. In this six-week study, you can help students deal with the thoughts and feelings they’re experiencing after a divorce—whether it happened recently or when they were younger. With engaging stories and thought-provoking questions, students will explore issues of anger, guilt, forgiveness, family, and more through a biblical lens, offering them hope and healing. This leader’s guide will give you the tools to help you lead students through this study—whether you have experienced divorce in your lifetime or not. You’ll find that when you give students the opportunity to open up and examine the feelings involved with divorce, much-needed healing can begin in their lives."

Parenting Apart

Parenting Apart Author Christina McGhee
ISBN-10 9781101188903
Release 2010-08-03
Pages 416
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The ultimate resource for separated and divorced parents, written by an internationally acclaimed expert on divorce and its impact on children. This comprehensive and empowering guide is filled with practical, effective ways to minimize the effects of divorce on children, and offers immediate solutions to the most critical parenting problems divorce brings. In this go-to resource, Christina McGhee addresses the issues of utmost importance to parents: ? How and when to tell the children about the divorce ? Guiding children through transition ?Helping children cope with having two homes ?Dealing with finances ?Managing a difficult relationship with an ex ?And more Offering advice on explaining things to every age group-from toddlers to teenagers-in plain, consistent, and age-appropriate terms, Parenting Apart also offers practical suggestions for parents to help them maintain their own sense of stability and take care of their own well-being while taking care of their kids.

A Divorced Parent s Guide to Seeing Your Kids

A Divorced Parent s Guide to Seeing Your Kids Author Steve Walrath
ISBN-10 9780741415776
Release 2003
Pages 188
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A Divorced Parent s Guide to Seeing Your Kids has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Divorced Parent s Guide to Seeing Your Kids also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Divorced Parent s Guide to Seeing Your Kids book for free.

Mom s House Dad s House for Kids

Mom s House  Dad s House for Kids Author Isolina Ricci
ISBN-10 1416595724
Release 2007-11-01
Pages 272
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From the author of the classic Mom’s House, Dad’s House, the essential guide for kids on how to stay strong and succeed in life when parents separate, divorce, or get married again. Isolina Ricci’s Mom’s House, Dad’s House has been the gold standard for inspiring and supporting divorcing and remarrying parents for more than twenty-five years. With her new book, Dr. Isa adapts her time-tested advice on maneuvering the emotional, logistical, and legal realities of separation, divorce, and stepfamilies to speak directly to children. Alongside practical ways to cope with big changes she offers older children and their families key resiliency tools that kids can use now and the rest of their lives. Kids and families are encouraged to believe in themselves, to take heart, and to plan for their lives ahead. Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids is packed with practical tips, frank answers, easy-to-use lists, “train your brain” ideas, reproducible worksheets, and things to try when words just won’t come out right. Kids will learn how to: · Deal with parents living apart, schedules, and dueling house rules · Settle comfortably in one home or two · Stay out of the “miserable middle” when parents fight · Manage stress, guilt, change, fear, and other feelings · Stay connected with parents, relatives, and the “right” friends · Appreciate the gifts (and deal with the gripes) of their new version of family · Feel better FAST! Kids can’t get their parents back together, but they can help themselves get stronger and go on to succeed in life. This book shows them how.

The Everything Parent s Guide To Children And Divorce

The Everything Parent s Guide To Children And Divorce Author Carl E Pickhardt
ISBN-10 9781440523434
Release 2005-12-12
Pages 304
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For parents, the hardest part of divorce is how it affects the kids. How do you explain to your child the reasons for choosing to divorce your spouse? How do you avoid creating feelings of guilt or blame, and let them know they are not responsible for the decision? The Everything Parent's Guide to Children and Divorce, written by expert author, psychologist, and child of divorce Carl E. Pickhardt, Ph.D., provides you with the support you need to prepare your children for this adjustment. This insightful handbook advises you on: Communicating openly about divorce Supporting your child emotionally Running a single-parent family Anticipating problem behaviors Helping your child feel comfortable at school and with friends Preventing your child from "acting out" A comprehensive guide to help you make informed, confident decisions, The Everything Parent's Guide to Children and Divorce is the one resource you need to help your child make it through this difficult time with ease.

Moving Beyond your Parents Divorce

Moving Beyond your Parents  Divorce Author Mel Krantzler
ISBN-10 0071426949
Release 2003-02-05
Pages 256
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From the bestselling author of Creative Divorce, a refreshingly positive guide for adult children of divorced parents The potential harmful effects of parental divorce on children have been covered repeatedly in the media. No wonder that many of the 30 million children whose parents have divorced since 1979 feel stigmatized. Moving Beyond Your Parents' Divorce is a groundbreaking book that presents readers with the tools to use their parents' divorce as learning experiences to improve their own lives rather than repeating their parents' mistakes. Drawing from their extensive experience working with thousands of adult children of divorce, the authors detail eight essential guidelines for: Building emotional resilience Developing healthy relationships Creating a stable family Healing relationships with parents Step-by-step, readers will learn how to move beyond victimhood and create a new sense of achievement and motivation.

Dear Mom and Dad

Dear Mom and Dad Author Gillian Rothchild
ISBN-10 0671027883
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 93
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A practical guidebook to help parents provide the love and support children need during the emotional upheaval of divorce presents a thought-provoking collection of questions, statements, and observations from youngsters of all ages. Original.

You and Your Parents Divorce

You and Your Parents  Divorce Author Katherine E. Krohn
ISBN-10 0823933547
Release 2000-11
Pages 48
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Explains how to cope with the life changes and emotional challenges that occur when parents divorce.