Tonglen for Our Own Suffering

Tonglen for Our Own Suffering Author Swami Girijananda
ISBN-10 9780915801374
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 87
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Tonglen is a classic spiritual practice for awakening and strengthening compassion. We expand the heart to embrace everything in the human experience. Swami Girijananda’s approach, which blends elements from both the Buddhist and Hindu tantric traditions, focuses on releasing us from our own suffering through what she calls “breathing in the dark and breathing out the light.” Breaking down the steps of tonglen, she shows us how to face, befriend, and transform our darkness into light. First we learn to acknowledge our own darkness, our “stuff.” Next we separate those feelings from our stories about them. Finally we connect to the inner light of our own true nature and experience the natural transformation that takes place from within. The book includes seven distinct variations of this simple yet powerful practice, suitable for people at any stage of inner development.


Tonglen Author Pema Chödrön
ISBN-10 1550550020
Release 2001
Pages 149
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Tonglen has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tonglen also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tonglen book for free.

Union of Dzogchen and Bodhichitta

Union of Dzogchen and Bodhichitta Author Anyen Rinpoche
ISBN-10 1559398876
Release 2006-05-25
Pages 216
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An illuminating look at key aspects of Tibetan Buddhist practice--of interest to many practitioners--is presented in this practical and interesting book. Through demonstrating the interrelationship of the outer inner and secret teachings and a textual analysis of the words of four renowned Dzogchen yogis, it makes clear that the practice of Bodhichitta is a necessary aspect of every practice within Tibetan Buddhism.Unlike other books that present either the teachings of Bodhichitta or the teachings of Dzogchen as their own system of practice, this book presents them not as complementary practices but as a deconstructed inner and outer practices which are fundamentally intertwined. Anyen Rinpoche works to create a new generation of holistic practitioners who value the depth found in the entire spectrum of teachings. While Anyen Rinpoche acknowledges the profundity of the Dzogchen teachings, he dispels the myth that they are an effortless path to liberation and rather shows that they are a progressive path that requires diligence, insight, and the compassionate mind of a Bodhisattva. He presents a style of contemplation that combines Dzogchen meditation on the ultimate view with the generation of Bodhichitta, such as has been taught by Nyingmapa yogis throughout the centuries. This book presents the union of Dzogchen and Bodhichitta not only through philosophy and scripture but also through concrete methods for practice.

A Spirituality for Brokenness

A Spirituality for Brokenness Author Terry Taylor
ISBN-10 9781594732294
Release 2009
Pages 158
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Compassionately guides you through the practicalities of facing and finally accepting brokenness in your life a process that can ultimately bring mending. A clear-eyed, kindhearted method based on teachings and practices from many religious traditions."

The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa Volume Two

The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa  Volume Two Author Chogyam Trungpa
ISBN-10 0834821516
Release 2010-09-28
Pages 736
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The Collected Works of Chögyam Trungpa brings together in eight volumes the writings of the first and most influential and inspirational Tibetan teachers to present Buddhism in the West. Organized by theme, the collection includes full-length books as well as articles, seminar transcripts, poems, plays, and interviews, many of which have never before been available in book form. From memoirs of his escape from Chinese-occupied Tibet to insightful discussions of psychology, mind, and meditation; from original verse and calligraphy to the esoteric lore of tantric Buddhism—the impressive range of Trungpa's vision, talents, and teachings is showcased in this landmark series. Volume Two examines meditation, mind, and Mahayana, the "great vehicle" for the development of compassion and the means to help others. Chögyam Trungpa introduced a new psychological language and way for looking at the Buddhist teachings in the West. His teachings on human psychology and the human mind are included in this volume.

Comfortable with Uncertainty

Comfortable with Uncertainty Author Pema Chodron
ISBN-10 9781590306260
Release 2008
Pages 218
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Inspired by the Buddhist tradition of the 108-day retreat, a Tibetan Buddhist nun offers instruction and meditations for achieving compassion and awareness in everyday living.

Choosing What s Chosen You

Choosing What s Chosen You Author Mark Pelter
ISBN-10 9780595279487
Release 2003-11-01
Pages 156
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Choosing What's Chosen You is a unique self-help workbook that will guide you through the process of developing lovingkindness toward yourself and others. The reader is asked to choose a personal learning goal to explore through the Eastern practice of Lojong, which includes helpful slogans and daily meditation. Hundreds of probing questions, revealing the preciousness and impermanence of life, and distinguishing between needless and inevitable suffering, are used to promote inner healing. A learning goal might focus on the needless suffering caused by a sense of unworthiness, insecurity, loneliness, or abandonment that limits your ability to open your heart to yourself, or to others. Author Mark Pelter provides a way to change how you relate to your emotional issues. Choosing What's Chosen You uncovers your real emotional need for a heart connection to self, others, higher consciousness or God/dess. Working through this process will help you to develop your ability to meet core level needs by transforming painful emotions into your personal path of freedom. This workbook can be used over and over again throughout your life. It is a step-by-step guide for consciously choosing, meeting, and embracing your own humanity.

Training the Mind Cultivating Loving kindness

Training the Mind   Cultivating Loving kindness Author Chogyam Trungpa
ISBN-10 9781590302521
Release 2005
Pages 223
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An introduction to the Tibetan Buddhist practice of lojong features a collection of classical "slogans" designed to help promote clarity, intelligence, compassion, and other virtues, in a guide that demonstrates how to overcome such challenges as fear and self-centeredness. Original.

Quiet Mind

Quiet Mind Author Susan Piver
ISBN-10 9781590305973
Release 2008
Pages 120
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Brings together six respected Buddhist teachers in an accessible introduction to the techniques of meditation, and includes guided meditation practice reflecting a range of Buddhist traditions, helpful teachings, and yoga poses.

The Bodhisattva Path of Wisdom and Compassion

The Bodhisattva Path of Wisdom and Compassion Author Chögyam Trungpa
ISBN-10 9781590308035
Release 2013
Pages 512
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Compilation of Ch'ogyam Trungpa Rinpoche's Vajradhatu Seminary teachings in three volumes.

Shadow Light Vol 2 Talks Reflections

Shadow   Light  Vol  2  Talks   Reflections Author Francis J. Kaklauskas
ISBN-10 9781508045786
Release 2016-09-29
Pages 318
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Shadows & Light: Theory, Research, and Practice in Transpersonal Psychology is a groundbreaking 2-volume series covering many essential topics in transpersonal psychology. Shadows & Light (Vol 2) builds on the tradition of transpersonal psychology to cover vital contemporary psychological topics ranging from mindfulness, creativity, compassion, and the real world application of the integration of spirituality and psychology, The range of topics and contributors is broad, diverse, and inclusive and will bring the reader on many inward and outward journeys of human growth and potential. This collection contains talks and reflection pieces that are enjoyable and fascinating in the immediacy of the authors’ voices and their messages for the individual and the collective. A wonderful selection of pieces by established leaders such as Charlie Tart, angel Kyodo williams, Judy Lief, and Roger Walsh as well as influential emergent scholars such as Ian Wickramesekera II, Dan Hocoy, and Louis Hoffman. These volumes are destined to become a classic text in the field.

Meditation for Daily Stress

Meditation for Daily Stress Author Michel Pascal
ISBN-10 9781683350163
Release 2017-04-11
Pages 192
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Drawing on his experience living at the Kopan Monastery in Nepal, meditation teacher Michel Pascal shares his new and easy method of meditating in the moment to calm the mind and break the cycle of stress addiction. Meditation for Daily Stress: 10 Practices for Immediate Well-being is more than just an exploration of why we experience stress; it is a guide to a revolutionary meditative technique for finding peace, quiet, mindfulness, and centeredness in our daily lives. A true authority in meditation, Michel Pascal introduces readers to the power of meditation as a coping mechanism for daily stress, anxiety, and depression. He then prescribes a series of visualization and breathing practices and techniques that can be used throughout the day—whether in the workplace, while commuting, or at home—to unplug in the moment, before stress takes hold. This approachable method includes ten easy practices that you can do for even a minute at a time, wherever you are. In this guide, you will learn how to: -Meditate Like the Horizon to unplug your brain when it is running all the time. -Meditate Like a Dolphin to discover your inner peace in high-stress moments. -Meditate Like a Mountain to feel more grounded when your mood is up and down. -Meditate Like a Wave to help you deal with difficult people and difficult interactions. -Meditate Like a Kiss to feel less stress in a romantic relationship. Exploring both spirituality and physicality, mind and body, Meditation for Daily Stress is an essential read for busy people looking for an approach to meditation that will allow them to start a daily practice right away in order to live a healthier, happier life.

The Lotus Still Blooms

The Lotus Still Blooms Author Joan Gattuso
ISBN-10 9781440637575
Release 2008-08-14
Pages 208
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The Lotus Still Blooms is the ideal book for every reader who would like to understand Buddhist principles, but doesn’t know where to start. Eastern wisdom traditions are often baffling for Western minds – where to begin in uncovering the often complicated steps, precepts, concepts and ideas? Aimed at people who are curious about Buddhism and want a basic book that will help them to understand – and apply – Buddhist principles in their life, The Lotus Still Blooms is a practical book that goes through all of the major Buddhist principles, step-by-step, and then shows how to apply them to our busy, hectic lives. Filled with Joan Gattuso’s trademark delightful stories and warmth, as well as exercises to help readers begin using the principles right away, this is a book that will be a welcomed new introduction to this exciting spiritual tradition.

Sky Above Earth Below

Sky Above  Earth Below Author John P. Milton
ISBN-10 9781591810285
Release 2006
Pages 234
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Undertake a sacred passage into the temple of nature, guided by meditation master and vision quest leader John P Milton. Since the 1940's, this pioneering spiritual teacher has led over 10,000 vision quests into the wilds of Colorado, the Himalayas, Bali, the Arctic, Mexico, and other sacred sites around the world. Now this pathfinder guides readers back to the wilderness within themselves, to discover how they are connected with the vast and sacred mystery of nature. Highlights include: why meditation in nature is unequaled in its power to transform lives, a full-body meditation for the deepest relaxation of one's life, how nature's healing energy can renew the body, how to clear and open blocked internal pathways to open them to earth's energy, and a 10-minute practice to restore one's internal balance with the natural world.

Making Friends with Death

Making Friends with Death Author Judith L. Lief
ISBN-10 0834822571
Release 2001-02-13
Pages 208
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In Making Friends with Death, Buddhist teacher Judith Lief, who's drawn her inspiration from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, shows us that through the powerful combination of contemplation of death and mindfulness practice, we can change how we relate to death, enhance our appreciation of everyday life, and use our developing acceptance of our own vulnerability as a basis for opening to others. She also offers a series of guidelines to help us reconnect with dying persons, whether they are friends or family, clients or patients. Lief highlights the value of relating to the immediacy of death as an ongoing aspect of everyday life by offering readers a variety of practical methods that they can apply to their lives and work. These methods include: Simple mindfulness exercises for deepening awareness of moment-by-moment change Practices for cultivating loving-kindness Helpful slogans and guidelines for caregivers to use Making Friends with Death will enlighten anyone interested in coming to terms with their own mortality. More specifically, the contemplative approach presented here offers health professionals, students of death and dying, and people who are helping a dying friend or relative useful guidance and inspiration. It will show them how to ground their actions in awareness and compassion, so that the steps they take in dealing with pain and suffering will be more effective.

The Places That Scare You

The Places That Scare You Author Pema Chödrön
ISBN-10 9781590304495
Release 2007
Pages 186
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The author of the best-selling When Things Fall Apart offers insightful and compassionate advice on uncovering inner wisdom and opening one's heart while refusing to allow resentfulness and fear to block one's inner light. Reprint.

Reflections on a Mountain Lake

Reflections on a Mountain Lake Author Ani Tenzin Palmo
ISBN-10 1559398590
Release 2002-07-25
Pages 262
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This sparkling collection of Dharma teachings by Tenzin Palmo addresses issues of common concern to Buddhist practitioners from all traditions. Personable, witty, and insightful, Tenzin Palmo presents an inspiring and no-nonsense view of Buddhist practice.