The Trophy Wife Divorce

The Trophy Wife Divorce Author John D. Mills
ISBN-10 1519404395
Release 2015-11-29
Pages 422
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What begins as a pre-nuptial dispute between a wealthy couple during divorce mediation transpires into something sinister. When mediation fails, divorce attorney Beth Mancini travels with her client, Karen Jacoby, to her secluded beach cottage on Cayo Costa to decompress. But when a masked assailant attacks the women, Karen's husband is blamed and arrested. Both spouses are called into question during the criminal trial, but who is truly guilty: the controlling, unfaithful husband, or the money-loving trophy wife? Secrets will be exposed and truths revealed as the lawyers battle for the jury's verdict.

Fair Share Divorce for Women Second Edition

Fair Share Divorce for Women  Second Edition Author Kathleen A. Miller
ISBN-10 9781250113542
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 368
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More than 1.1 million women are actively involved in divorce each year and all need solid financial advice to help make this transition less painful. In FAIR SHARE DIVORCE FOR WOMEN, Second Edition, Certified Financial Planner Kathleen Miller has created a comprehensive guide to help you completely integrate all the financial aspects of your divorce into a personalized and sound financial plan. This completely revised and expanded second edition includes updated statistics, recent case studies that reflect modern marriages, complete indexing, and a comprehensive appendix of resources. Kathleen Miller has added new topics and chapters, including: current economic impacts on retirement and benefits planningdealing with a disparity of earnings post-divorce career planning and maintenance strategiesbusiness valuation and successionlong-term care and other insurance provisionschild support and parenting planspre-and post-nuptial and cohabitation agreements Grounded in the experiences of her more than 3,000 clients, Kathleen Miller's advice is clear and concise. FAIR SHARE DIVORCE FOR WOMEN, Second Edition will offer you the guidance and support you need to safeguard your marital assets, and will empower you to take control of your divorce and financial future.

The Trophy Wife

The Trophy Wife Author Paul Preston
ISBN-10 9781945648441
Release 2017-08-17
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Vampire Erotica. Pretty trophy wife Lilith Lancaster catches her husband, Eric, receiving oral sex from the attractive Louise. Soon after, the devastated Lilith notices physiological changes; she’s feverish, nauseous, and extremely thirsty, with rapid weight loss and sensitivity to light. A PI hired by her divorce attorney leads Lilith to VAMP-LA. By then, she’s burning with fever, and is saved by the kindly Francois. After they enjoy sex, he opens his flesh and allows Lilith to suck. Later, he arranges a consensual exchange of blood for sex that saves her life. After coming to terms with her transition, she confronts Eric about his infidelity, puts him in a trance and tastes his blood as well. Now reunited, the pair returns to the club to end Eric’s affair with Louise. However, when Louise insults Lilith, Lilith viciously attacks her. The fight attracts the attention of the VAMP club owner, Edgar, a powerful warlock. He proposes Lilith mate with a group of warlocks to save their dying race. When she refuses, he takes her family into his lair. In order to save them, she finds her long lost father and together they confront the oldest and most deadly vampire in the world.

How to Murder Your Trophy Wife

How to Murder Your Trophy Wife Author Malachi Stone
ISBN-10 9781365261374
Release 2016-07-16
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Struggling lawyer vs. ambitious social-climber wife. Solution: murder. But who really committed the murder, and why?

The Trophy Wife

The Trophy Wife Author Ginna Gray
ISBN-10 9781460362495
Release 2014-07-15
Pages 400
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Houston heiress Elizabeth Stanton lost nearly everything when a stunning betrayal by her ex-husband left her with only a fraction of the fortune her genteel Southern family had worked so hard for. Even now Mimosa Landing, Elizabeth's beloved home, could be stripped away unless she comes up with a serious infusion of cash. When brilliant self-made millionaire Maxwell Reardon approaches her with an audacious solution to her financial woes, Elizabeth is speechless. His proposal will certainly solve her problems, but it will set Houston society on its ear. Now it's up to Elizabeth to decide if this is a deal with the devil, or the best decision of her life.

The Divorce Trial Manual

The Divorce Trial Manual Author Lynne Z. Gold-Bikin
ISBN-10 1590312376
Release 2003
Pages 264
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This concise guide is a complete roadmap through a divorce trail from the initial interview to trial preparation to the closing argument.

Daisy Dooley Does Divorce

Daisy Dooley Does Divorce Author Anna Pasternak
ISBN-10 9781407022321
Release 2008-09-04
Pages 288
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'Men sleep with girls who wear black knickers, then marry girls who sport white. And you don't want him to marry you, do you?' asked Jess, fixing me with a stare. I didn't dare admit that leaving Jamie hadn't put me off marriage - if anything it had made me even more determined to get my next marriage and underwear combo right... And so begins Daisy Dooley Does Divorce - the hilarious and often heartbreakingly honest account of a late thirty-something's life after divorce. For Daisy - the alter ego of bestselling author, journalist and columnist Anna Pasternak - her divorce is a blessing in disguise and, like Bridget Jones before her, she is now looking for true love. From the euphoria of escaping from her brief and disasterous marriage through failed love affairs, to a passionate fling with a younger man via the flirtatious clutches of her best friend's husband, Daisy's diary of the highs and lows of life as a divorcee is an irresistible take on dating and makes for compulsive reading.

The Divorce Group

The Divorce Group Author Donna Underwood
ISBN-10 9781458220066
Release 2016-02-22
Pages 242
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Most people who end their marriages do so in the traditional way--through divorce by way of the court system. There are a few folks, however, who prefer a less complicated and time-consuming process: murder. The Grief Clinic, organized by social worker Brooksie Everett, offers support for mourners and divorcés alike, as well as counseling for those still trying to hold on to an existing marriage. But the clinic has had a troubled past of its own. In the last year, it has been connected to three homicides that took the lives of two group members and the sister of one of the clinic’s psychologists. Patients and staff at the clinic have only just begun to recover. But as a new divorce support group begins to take shape, a murderer is once again circling the clinic--and only time will tell who will make it out alive. In this novel, a therapy practice for grief and divorce support forms the backdrop for a murder mystery as someone seeks to end marriage with a more permanent solution than divorce.

God s Been Divorced Too

God s Been Divorced Too Author Wade Long
ISBN-10 9781490857213
Release 2014-11-07
Pages 108
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Divorce can make someone feel that their life can never be right again. Where is God? Could he possibly understand? Would he even want to lead me through this? And why has this happened to me? God’s Been Divorced Too provides a Christian answer to those questions. The fact that God himself has been divorced is utilized to break the usually powerful stigma associated with divorce. God's personal divorce is also used to delve into the dynamics of infidelity, for the specific purpose of removing the disorientation that always seems to follow a betrayal. A framework of “Seven Spiritual Secrets” is used to display timeless truths, to both understand the past and to build a new future. The seven secrets of freedom, peace, reciprocity, fallenness, integrity, trust, and fulfillment will take the reader on a specifically scriptural journey into restoration after divorce. Along the way, each secret challenges some traditional viewpoints, while revealing unique and hidden outlooks. For example: Does God really hate divorce? Is unconditional love even scriptural? Is a perfect life even achievable? Are there boundaries to sacrificial love? Is it true that we can't trust anything in this world? And was marriage intended to be our highest fulfillment on earth? (If not, what is?) Many people, from ancient times until today, have embraced the truth of these timeless secrets as they walked through the pathways of their lives. So come and join them! It's the scriptural journey of peace, restoration, and fulfillment.

Integral Relationships A Manual for Men

Integral Relationships  A Manual for Men Author Martin Ucik
ISBN-10 9780984570300
Release 2010-08-01
Pages 300
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Integral Relationships A Manual for Men has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Integral Relationships A Manual for Men also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Integral Relationships A Manual for Men book for free.

Divorce Sucks

Divorce Sucks Author Mary Jo Eustace
ISBN-10 9781440504419
Release 2009-09-18
Pages 240
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Hock the platinum. Take down the vacation photos. Cancel the joint checking account. There's no question . . . Divorce Sucks. And perhaps no one knows that better than author Mary Jo Eustace, whose ex-husband Dean McDermott married Tori Spelling a mere thirty days after their divorce was finalized. One part tell-all and one part guide to get readers on their feet after a bitter breakup, this hilarious addition to the bestselling Sucks series tells everything readers don’t want to know about divorce - from what a phone call with a lawyer will cost; to how to handle your newer, younger replacement; to what Hollywood divorcees are actually thinking when they watch their ex walk the red carpet with a millionairess. Sometimes horrifying, sometimes gratifying, and never merciful, this book will give readers an inside look at one of today’s most public divorces while reminding them - hey, it could always be worse.

Latter Day Divorce and Beyond

Latter Day Divorce and Beyond Author Jennifer James
ISBN-10 1555179509
Release 2006-03-01
Pages 282
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As the divorce rate among Latter-day Saints continues to grow, couples who are struggling must face difficult questions: Do we make things work, or do we move on? In Latter-day Divorce and Beyond, practicing therapist Jennifer James offers direction, guidance, and comfort through the agonizing process of moving on. She gives advice on everything from the twenty-first century dating game to the challenge of forgiveness. Having gone through a divorce of her own twenty years after being married in the temple, Jennifer provides an understanding perspective on what it means to be divorced and LDS. Through it all, she encourages readers to stay active in the Church.


Divorce Author
ISBN-10 9781257790937
Release 2011
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Divorce has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Divorce also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Divorce book for free.

And Eve Said to Hell with God

And Eve Said to Hell with God Author Sal Rivers
ISBN-10 9781480830974
Release 2016-08-22
Pages 354
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The Old Testament of the Bible states that God created man in His image, which would lead many to see Genesis as chauvinistic. What of Eve? Although greatly argued, the existence of a female Goddess is equally and vaguely documented, allowing us a clearer understanding of the influences that led to where we are today, ensnared in a “battle of the sexes.” Sal Rivers uses his life experience in social enforcement to outline, in handbook style, said battle. His unique and blunt approach forces us to reevaluate our beliefs and explore the gender war by taking it back to the principles of creation. For example, what if this “battle” is more than terrestrial, still being fought in the heavens as we struggle to connect here on Earth? Each of us participates in the gender war on a daily basis and seeks to find solace in a partner who seeks the same. Understanding today’s dating rules is imperative, but recognizing the decisions of the ancient and more recent past—when men attempted to subordinate women—will aid in revealing humanity’s shortcomings and assumptions about love. Perhaps, then, our relationships will become experiences of divine elation instead of fruitless endeveavors.

From Divorce Court to the Ice Cream Shop

From Divorce Court to the Ice Cream Shop Author Anita Rinaldi
ISBN-10 9781449081768
Release 2010-05-11
Pages 116
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From Divorce Court to the Ice Cream Shop is a light hearted tell-all about one woman's journey through the trials of an unexpectedly difficult divorce and the happy, often sexy, refuge found in New York's internet dating scene. Not a how-to book, or a tale of disaster dates, "The Ice Cream Shop" is a "who-did-who" book. Peppered with blogs and poems from Rinaldi's website, her story will leave readers laughing out loud. That is, when they're not gasping at the unexpected twists of a divorce gone wrong. Spilling "all" in her fast-paced memoir, Rinaldi introduces readers to the men of the internet, such as Vanilla T, Mango Sorbet, Pralines and Cream, and Mocha E. With so many flavors there for the tasting, Rinaldi finds entertainment, adventure, attention, and, you guessed it -- sex -- just when she needed it the most. So come along for the ride, as she dates the successful and quirky, the fascinating and eclectic, and even New York City's Bravest.

The Divorce

The Divorce Author Captiva Elizabetha
ISBN-10 9781624888113
Release 2012-12-01
Pages 525
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Abuse comes in many shades and colours not always recognized by the victim. This is the story of one woman's struggle to realize the nature of abuse in her marriage, and learn to escape, despite the monumental consequences. With one daughter, and being the sole income earner in her family, it illustrates the nature of abusive relationships, and the advantage that was taken of her. It also investigates how children in divorce can be used as "weapons" in divorce situations, the trials of attempting to break the cycle of abuse, and the journey that it took her to overcome that struggle. A realististic look into the eyes of abuse by a survivor, seasoned with moments of tears and laughter, it is a 'must read' for all who are trying out a new relationship, and those that question the santity of their own relationships. "The Divorce" investigates the nature of an abusive relationship, and includes Deluth wheels and questionaires so that one can judge the health of the relationships that they are already in, investigate how to leave an abusive relationship, and establish healthy boundaries for the ones they may want to enter into.

The Bush Administration Sex and the Moral Agenda

The Bush Administration  Sex and the Moral Agenda Author Edward Ashbee
ISBN-10 9781847796424
Release 2007-03-31
Pages 264
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The Bush Administration, sex and the moral agenda considers White House policy towards issues such as abortion, sex education, obscenity and same-sex marriage. The book suggests that although accounts have often emphasised the ties between George W. Bush and the Christian right, the administration's strategy was, at least until early 2005, also directed towards the courting of middle ground opinion. This study offers a detailed and comprehensive survey of policy-making; assesses the political significance of moral concerns; evaluates the role of the Christian right, and throws new light on George W. Bush's years in office and the character of his thinking. The book will prove invaluable for those taking social science courses as well as as well as anyone with a general interest in the Bush presidency.