The Prize

The Prize Author Daniel Yergin
ISBN-10 9781471104756
Release 2012-09-11
Pages 928
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The Prize recounts the panoramic history of oil -- and the struggle for wealth power that has always surrounded oil. This struggle has shaken the world economy, dictated the outcome of wars, and transformed the destiny of men and nations. The Prize is as much a history of the twentieth century as of the oil industry itself. The canvas of this history is enormous -- from the drilling of the first well in Pennsylvania through two great world wars to the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and Operation Desert Storm. The cast extends from wildcatters and rogues to oil tycoons, and from Winston Churchill and Ibn Saud to George Bush and Saddam Hussein. The definitive work on the subject of oil and a major contribution to understanding our century, The Prize is a book of extraordinary breadth, riveting excitement -- and great importance.

The Prize

The Prize Author Dale Russakoff
ISBN-10 9780547840512
Release 2015-09-08
Pages 304
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A New York Times Bestseller Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Christie, and Cory Booker were ready to reform our failing schools. They got an education. When Mark Zuckerberg announced to a cheering Oprah audience his $100 million pledge to transform the downtrodden schools of Newark, New Jersey, then mayor Cory Booker and Governor Chris Christie were beside him, vowing to help make Newark “a symbol of educational excellence for the whole nation.” But their plans soon ran into the city’s seasoned education players, fierce protectors of their billion-dollar-a-year system. It’s a prize that, for generations, has enriched seemingly everyone, except Newark’s children. Dale Russakoff delivers a riveting drama of our times, encompassing the rise of celebrity politics, big philanthropy, extreme economic inequality, the charter school movement, and the struggles and triumphs of schools in one of the nation’s poorest cities. As Cory Booker navigates between his status as “rock star mayor” on Oprah’s stage and object of considerable distrust at home, the tumultuous changes planned by reformers and their highly paid consultants spark a fiery grass-roots opposition stoked by local politicians and union leaders. The growth of charters forces the hand of Newark’s school superintendent Cami Anderson, who closes, consolidates, or redesigns more than a third of the city’s schools—a scenario on the horizon for many urban districts across America. Russakoff provides a close-up view of twenty-six-year-old Mark Zuckerberg and his wife as they decide to give the immense sum of money to Newark and then experience an education of their own amid the fallout of the reforms. Most moving are Russakoff’s portraits from inside classrooms, as homegrown teachers and principals battle heroically to reach students damaged by extreme poverty and violence. The Prize is an absorbing portrait of a titanic struggle, indispensable for anyone who cares about the future of public education and the nation’s children.

Sharing the Prize

Sharing the Prize Author Gavin Wright
ISBN-10 9780674076440
Release 2013-02-25
Pages 368
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Southern bus boycotts and lunch counter sit-ins were famous acts of civil disobedience but were also demands for jobs in the very services being denied blacks. Gavin Wright shows that the civil rights struggle was of economic benefit to all parties: the wages of southern blacks increased dramatically but not at the expense of southern whites.

The Prize

The Prize Author Akachi Adimora-Ezeigbo
ISBN-10 0435891731
Release 1994
Pages 29
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One of a series of readers for African students which aims to help them to develop an awareness and a love of language, and consists of stories from all over Africa. In this story a young girl defies her father's wish for an arranged marriage, and pursues her dream of becoming an engineer.

The Prize

The Prize Author Julie Garwood
ISBN-10 9781101533475
Release 2011-07-05
Pages 403
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In the resplendence of William the Conqueror's London court, the lovely Saxon captive, Nicholaa was forced to choose a husband from the assembled Norman nobles. She chose Royce, a baron warrior whose fierce demeanor could not conceal his chivalrous and tender heart. Resourceful, rebellious and utterly naive, Nicholaa vowed to bend Royce to her will, despite the whirlwind of feelings he aroused in her. Ferocious in battle, seasoned in passion, Royce was surprised by the depth of his emotion whenever he caressed his charming bride. In a climate of utmost treachery, where Saxons still intrigued against their Norman invaders, Royce and Nicholaa revelled in their precious new love...a fervent bond soon to be disrupted by the call of blood, kin and country!

The Prize

The Prize Author
ISBN-10 9781434978660
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The Prize has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Prize also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Prize book for free.

The Prize

The Prize Author Irving wallace
Release 1963
Pages 755
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Novelist Andrew Craig has not been sober in a very long time. After losing his wife in an auto accident he believes to have been his own fault, he turned to the bottle, and to his sister-in-law, Leah, who acts as his caretaker and live-in nurse. Then, when he is awarded the Nobel Prize in literature for his novel, "The Perfect State," a historical jab at communism, he heads for Stockholm, hoping to find a reason to live, and to write. The other laureates have their own problems, a heart surgeon who believes that sharing his award with an Italian colleague robs him of his glory, a married couple awarded the prize in medicine in the middle of a serious marital crisis, and others – including Max Stratman, whose heart isn't really up to the trip, but who needs the prize money to provide for niece, Emily. This novel delves into the lives, loves, dreams and nightmares of these characters, and others, building a panoramic view of the Nobel Prize, life in Stockholm, and the state of world politics in the years following World War II. It is rich and compelling, driving the reader from the pits of despair to the heights of inspiration. A wonderful novel by one of America's finest novelists. The Prize was made into a movie starring Paul Newman. SW: Six people all around the world are catapulted to international fame as they receive the most important telegraph of their lives, which invites them to Stockholm to receive the prize. This will result to be a turning point in their lives, in which personal affairs and political intrigue will engulf every one of the characters.

The Prize

The Prize Author Brenda Joyce
ISBN-10 9781460301937
Release 2012-09-17
Pages 384
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An infamous sea captain of the British Royal Navy, Devlin O'Neill is consumed with the need to destroy the man who brutally murdered his father. Having nearly ruined the Earl of Eastleigh financially, he is waiting to strike the final blow. And his opportunity comes in the form of a spirited young American woman, the earl's niece, who is about to set his cold, calculating world on fire…. Born and raised on a tobacco plantation, orphan Virginia Hughes is determined to rebuild her beloved Sweet Briar. Daringly, she sails to England alone, hoping to convince her uncle to lend her the funds. Instead, she finds herself ruthlessly kidnapped by the notorious Devlin O'Neill, and will soon find her best-laid plans thwarted by a passion that could seal their fates forever….

The Prize

The Prize Author Mia Colbert
ISBN-10 9781463440572
Release 2011-12-14
Pages 116
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The book is about experiences in her life and lots of good family times that include eating good food and conversations. Poetry that she has written from these experiences.

The Prize Waltz

The Prize Waltz Author
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The Prize Waltz has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Prize Waltz also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Prize Waltz book for free.

Ashleigh 13 The Prize

Ashleigh  13  The Prize Author Chris Platt
ISBN-10 9780060091446
Release 2002-07-02
Pages 176
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With the help of her best friend, Mona Gardener, Ashleigh decides to enter a local show competition in order to win a new saddle, but as the shows progress, Mona becomes increasingly competitive.

Purple Princess Wins the Prize

Purple Princess Wins the Prize Author Alyssa Crowne
ISBN-10 9780545211741
Release 2010
Pages 73
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When Isabel reads about a princess going on a quest, she decides to go on a quest for a trophy to show her brothers she is just as good as they are.

The Prize

The Prize Author Vanessa Fewings
ISBN-10 9781488023484
Release 2017-12-01
Pages 384
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Look for The Prize, the final title in The ICON Trilogy, a sizzling new romance series from Vanessa Fewings and HQN Books.

Eyes on the Prize

Eyes on the Prize Author Juan Williams
ISBN-10 9781101639306
Release 2013-09-03
Pages 320
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Eyes on the Prize traces the movement from the landmark Brown v. the Board of Education case in 1954 to the march on Selma and the passage of the Voting Rights Act in 1965. This is a companion volume to the first part of the acclaimed PBS series.

The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio

The Prize Winner of Defiance  Ohio Author Terry Ryan
ISBN-10 9780743217279
Release 2005-09-02
Pages 352
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The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio introduces Evelyn Ryan, an enterprising woman who kept poverty at bay with wit, poetry, and perfect prose during the "contest era" of the 1950s and 1960s. Stepping back into a time when fledgling advertising agencies were active partners with consumers, and everyday people saw possibility in every coupon, Terry Ryan tells how her mother kept the family afloat by writing jingles and contest entries. Mom's winning ways defied the Church, her alcoholic husband, and antiquated views of housewives. To her, flouting convention was a small price to pay when it came to securing a happy home for her six sons and four daughters. Evelyn, who would surely be a Madison Avenue executive if she were working today, composed her jingles not in the boardroom, but at the ironing board. By entering contests wherever she found them -- TV, radio, newspapers, direct-mail ads -- Evelyn Ryan was able to win every appliance her family ever owned, not to mention cars, television sets, bicycles, watches, a jukebox, and even trips to New York, Dallas, and Switzerland. But it wasn't just the winning that was miraculous; it was the timing. If a toaster died, one was sure to arrive in the mail from a forgotten contest. Days after the bank called in the second mortgage on the house, a call came from the Dr Pepper company: Evelyn was the grand-prize winner in its national contest -- and had won enough to pay the bank. Graced with a rare appreciation for life's inherent hilarity, Evelyn turned every financial challenge into an opportunity for fun and profit. From her frenetic supermarket shopping spree -- worth $3,000 today -- to her clever entries worthy of Erma Bombeck, Dorothy Parker, and Ogden Nash, the story of this irrepressible woman whose talents reached far beyond her formidable verbal skills is told in The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio with an infectious joy that shows how a winning spirit will triumph over the poverty of circumstance.

The prize Pulitzer

The prize Pulitzer Author Roxanne Pulitzer
ISBN-10 0394557611
Release 1987-12-01
Pages 241
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Reveals details of Roxanne Pulitzer's sensational marriage to Herbert Peter Pulitzer, the Pulitzer's divorce, and Palm Beach life

The Prize Pony Club Rivals Book 4

The Prize  Pony Club Rivals  Book 4 Author Stacy Gregg
ISBN-10 9780007445646
Release 2011-09-29
Pages 228
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Saddle up for the fourth exciting PONY CLUB RIVALS adventure! Will Georgie fulfil her riding dreams at the ‘All-stars’ Academy?