The Fix Is In

The Fix Is In Author Daniel E. Ginsburg
ISBN-10 0786419202
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 327
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On September 27, 1865, gambler Kane McLoughlin paid William Wansley $100 to ensure that the Brooklyn Eckfords would beat the Mutuals of New York. Wansley bribed Mutuals shortstop Tom Devyr and third baseman Ed Duffy to join the plot. The result was a 23-11 win by the Eckfords in a game marked by "passed balls and...muffed easy flys." Baseball was faced with its first gambling scandal. This is a comprehensive account of gambling and game fixing scandals that have gripped the nation. Attention is rightly focused on the best known incidents (e.g., the Black Sox scandal and the Pete Rose case), but the lesser known scandals are covered in-depth as well. Included are two chapters on game fixing scandals in the minor leagues.

The Fix is in

The Fix is in Author Brian Tuohy
ISBN-10 9781932595819
Release 2010
Pages 319
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Discusses the manipulation and corruption within professional sports due to its deep connection with mass media, and includes information on sports gambling, doping, and fixing games to provide optimal media ratings.

The Fix Is In

The Fix Is In Author J. A. Graffagnino
ISBN-10 9781524618834
Release 2016-07-20
Pages 338
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Finally, the truth is revealed about Manhattan’s Deutsche Bank building fire. The devastating fire at 130 Liberty Street in the heart of Manhattan’s financial center — a short distance from what was the World Trade Center — was one of the worst fires in New York City’s history. Two firefighters were killed, and 105 were injured. One of the firefighters killed during the horrific fire was author Graffagnino’s son, Joey. Graffagnino refused to believe what high-level government decision makers were telling the public — that the fire was an accident. After eight years of relentless research in pursuit of the truth — combing through public records and interviewing firefighters on the scene, government officials, informed observers, whistleblowers and eyewitnesses — Graffagnino uncovered the truth. The horrific seven-alarm Deutsche Bank building fire was no accident. And all efforts to quell the raging inferno were in vain. The Fix Is In is not based upon a conspiracy theory, opinion or undocumented rumors, but confirmed facts. Graffagnino places blame where it belongs and exposes the people who benefited from the catastrophe. Find out for yourself. Discover the disturbing truth about a calculated and complex conspiracy involving top governmental agencies, corporate leaders and organized crime figures. “The Deutsche Bank fire was preventable,” said FDNY Captain Simon Ressner. “Preventive measures were deliberately sidestepped in the name of ambition and in the name of money.”

Fix Is In

Fix Is In Author Brian Tuohy
ISBN-10 1459610393
Release 2011-02-02
Pages 397
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Skeptical fan Brian Tuohy believes that the hugely profitable sports leagues have covered up the truth behind their operations, that professional sports are not all about fair play but sometimes corrupt interactions with mass media and players in the sports machine. Author Tuohy backs these charges with an explicitly-cited history of backroom dealings in football, baseball, basketball, hockey and car racing. The Fix Is In provides the shadow history of the sports world, and the way it interacts with media and gambling operations.

The Fix

The Fix Author Declan Hill
ISBN-10 9780771041396
Release 2010
Pages 390
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The Fix is the most explosive story of sports corruption in a generation. Intriguing, riveting, and compelling, it tells the story of an investigative journalist who sets out to examine the world of match-fixing in professional soccer. From the Introduction Understand how gambling fixers work to corrupt a soccer game and you will understand how they move into a basketball league, a cricket tournament, or a tennis match (all places, by the way, that criminal fixers have moved into). My views on soccer have changed. I still love the Saturday-morning game between amateurs: the camaraderie and the fresh smell of grass. But the professional game leaves me cold. I hope you will understand why after reading the book. I think you may never look at sport in the same way again. From the Hardcover edition.

Memory Man

Memory Man Author David Baldacci
ISBN-10 9783641182137
Release 2016-10-31
Pages 544
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Seit einem dramatischen Unfall kann Amos Decker nichts mehr aus seinem Gedächtnis tilgen. Eine Eigenschaft, die ihn zu einem perfekten Ermittler werden lässt. Bis seine Familie bestialisch ermordet wird und er unter der Flut der unlöschbaren Bilder fast zerbricht. Ein Jahr später taucht ein Mann auf und bekennt sich zu der Tat. Und noch während Decker verwirrt feststellt, dass der Mann lügt, findet erneut ein Massaker statt, diesmal an Deckers alter Schule. Wie hängen die Verbrechen zusammen? Wurden sie nur begangen, um Decker zu treffen? Und wird es ihm gemeinsam mit seiner früheren Kollegin gelingen, den Wahnsinn zu stoppen?

The Fix

The Fix Author David Baldacci
ISBN-10 9781447277422
Release 2017-04-20
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Amos Decker, David Baldacci's unique special agent, who suffered a head injury that resulted in giving him the gift of a remarkable memory takes on another case in The Fix. Walter Dabney is a family man. A loving husband and the father of four grown daughters , he’s built a life many would be proud of. But then the unthinkable happens. Standing outside the FBI Headquarters in Washington, D C, Dabney shoots school teacher Anne Berkshire in cold blood before turning the gun on himself. One of the many witnesses is Amos Decker; a man who forgets nothing and sees what most miss. Baffled by what appears to be a seemingly senseless and random killing, Decker is thrust into the investigation to determine what drove this family man to pull the trigger. As part of an FBI special task force, Decker and the team delve into the lives of Dabney and Berkshire to find a connection that doesn’t seem to exist. What they do find are secrets that stretch back a lifetime and reveal a current plot of impending destruction that will send the world reeling, placing Decker and his team squarely in the crosshairs.

Joker s Playground

Joker s Playground Author Lynn Hale Shauingér
ISBN-10 9781496970565
Release 2015-02-20
Pages 58
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This book begins with the childhood sweetheart husband who was having strange behavior and nightmare flashbacks of Vietnam leaving his home. His wife and four young children are now stranded and alone. The wife is filled with two overwhelming emotions: (1) freedom, as no longer would she have to deal with this unfathomable behavior, and (2) extreme fear, fear of how she and the children would pay for food and rent in this most expensive city. As the endless calls come in from doctors, lawyers, police, and random women, the wife decides to test the city’s infinite possibilities of love and hope. This puts her on the brink of insanity.

The Fix

The Fix Author Jonathan Tepperman
ISBN-10 9781408866566
Release 2016-09-21
Pages 320
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Longlisted for the FT/McKinsey Business Book of the Year Award 2016 From immigration reform to energy resources, from political paralysis to inequality and extremism, we are beset by a raft of huge and seemingly insurmountable issues. The daily newspapers, the rolling 24-hour television news, portray a world in terminal decline: the rise of IS, the Syrian refugee crisis, Beijing's financial fallibility and Putin's brazen annexing of the Crimea. The ripples are felt by us all in our everyday lives – in unemployment figures or, if we're lucky, our stubbornly flat payslips, in the crumbling roads, Tube strikes and sky-rocketing tuition fees. What goes under-reported are the success stories. Here, taking ten of the most knotty issues we face today, Jonathan Tepperman examines unsung individuals' bold and innovative attempts against all odds and expectations to solve some of the important problems governments have struggled with for decades. Each chapter tells the story of one government that's found a way to avoid the snares that entangle most of the others. The solutions described in the book aren't speculative: they've all already been tried, and they work. Controversial, provocative but always stimulating, Tepperman here offers a powerful, data-driven case for optimism. Written with flair and an infectious exuberance, The Fix is a book to restore hope to the pessimistic, and offer both practical advice and inspiration in a time of relentless bad news.

Managing Software Development

Managing Software Development Author Samuel Menaker
Release 2014-12-14
Pages 120
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New software firms and groups are eager to get their products to market. Even small successes and few customers make these companies grow in size. Resources are usually tight, processes are light, lots of code is written for demos and new people are hired on all the time. In such an environment, it is easy to go astray fast, even for experienced people. This book identifies the things that make for a successful software development organization and provides some solutions and tools to successfully bootstrap a software development group and keep it running efficiently as it grows big. The individual ideas in the article have been tried and tested over many projects and in various companies. The book brings together these ideas in an easy to reference package, provides links to commonly used freeware and inexpensive tools. It also provides some guidelines on how common development practices can be tailored to suit specific needs.

The Complete Yachtmaster

The Complete Yachtmaster Author Tom Cunliffe
ISBN-10 9781408129852
Release 2010-10-15
Pages 304
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The Complete Yachtmaster has been a bestseller since first publication and has established itself as the standard reference for Yachtmaster students as well as skippers of all levels of experience. In this fully revised sixth edition, Tom Cunliffe brings together all the essentials of modern cruising in one volume. Subjects include an analysis of what makes a good skipper, the theory and practice of sailing, seamanship, navigation including chart plotters and PCs, meteorology, heavy weather, yacht stability and coping with emergencies. The Complete Yachtmaster promotes each subject as an integral part of the whole. It guides examination candidates as authoritatively and reassuringly through the RYA syllabus as a sea pilot bringing a ship to harbour. Required reading for all skippers whether on board or in the classroom. 'A gem, distilled from decades of experience' Yachting Monthly 'Cunliffe's competence and authority radiate from the pages... thoroughly recommended' Little Ship Club 'There are all too few authors who not only know their subject but can write well about it. Tom Cunliffe is one' Cruising

Cable Networks Services and Management

Cable Networks  Services  and Management Author Mehmet Toy
ISBN-10 9781118837610
Release 2015-01-06
Pages 376
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This is the first book describing cable networks, services, and their management in greater detail by thirteen experts in various fields covering network architectures and services, operations, administration, maintenance, provisioning, troubleshooting (OAMPT) for residential services; network architectures, services, and OAMPT for business services; Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Virtualization concepts Comprehensive reference book useful for people working for a multiple systems operator Includes chapter introductions Written by 13 experts in various fields such as network services and soft defined networks

Occupy the World From the Heart of the Protesters

Occupy the World  From the Heart of the Protesters Author Hannah Faye
ISBN-10 9781105206665
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Occupy the World From the Heart of the Protesters has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Occupy the World From the Heart of the Protesters also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Occupy the World From the Heart of the Protesters book for free.

Photoshop Elements 6 for Windows

Photoshop Elements 6 for Windows Author Jeff Carlson
ISBN-10 9780132103930
Release 2010-04-07
Pages 384
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Photoshop Elements is geared for business users, students, educators, and home users who want professional-looking images for their print and Web projects, but don't want or need the advanced power of Adobe Photoshop. With Photoshop Elements 6 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide, readers can start reading from the beginning of the book to get a tour of the interface and start with image-editing basics, or they can look up specific tasks to learn just what they need to know. This task-based, visual reference guide uses step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots to show readers how to capture photos, reduce red eye, correct color, work with layers, and much more. Updated to cover Photoshop Elements 6 and it's new features including the refined compositing capabilities that allow for seamless panoramas and stitching together the perfect group photo. Both beginning and intermediate users will find what they need here--in straightforward language and with readily accessible examples.

Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure

Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure Author Scott Guthrie
ISBN-10 9780735695696
Release 2014-07-18
Pages 198
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This ebook walks you through a patterns-based approach to building real-world cloud solutions. The patterns apply to the development process as well as to architecture and coding practices. The content is based on a presentation developed by Scott Guthrie and delivered by him at the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) in June of 2013 (part 1, part 2), and at Microsoft Tech Ed Australia in September 2013 (part 1, part 2). Many others updated and augmented the content while transitioning it from video to written form. Who should read this book Developers who are curious about developing for the cloud, are considering a move to the cloud, or are new to cloud development will find here a concise overview of the most important concepts and practices they need to know. The concepts are illustrated with concrete examples, and each chapter includes links to other resources that provide more in-depth information. The examples and the links to additional resources are for Microsoft frameworks and services, but the principles illustrated apply to other web development frameworks and cloud environments as well. Developers who are already developing for the cloud may find ideas here that will help make them more successful. Each chapter in the series can be read independently, so you can pick and choose topics that you're interested in. Anyone who watched Scott Guthrie's "Building Real World Cloud Apps with Windows Azure" presentation and wants more details and updated information will find that here. Assumptions This ebook expects that you have experience developing web applications by using Visual Studio and ASP.NET. Familiarity with C# would be helpful in places.

The Software Test Engineer s Handbook

The Software Test Engineer s Handbook Author Graham Bath
ISBN-10 9781492014737
Release 2014-06-12
Pages 560
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Many books cover functional testing techniques, but relatively few also cover technical testing. The Software Test Engineer's Handbook-2nd Edition fills that gap. Authors Graham Bath and Judy McKay are core members of the ISTQB Working Party that created the new Advanced Level Syllabus-Test Analyst and Advanced Level Syllabus-Technical Test Analyst. These syllabi were released in 2012. This book presents functional and technical aspects of testing as a coherent whole, which benefits test analyst/engineers and test managers. It provides a solid preparation base for passing the exams for Advanced Test Analyst and Advanced Technical Test Analyst, with enough real-world examples to keep you intellectually invested. This book includes information that will help you become a highly skilled Advanced Test Analyst and Advanced Technical Test Analyst. You will be able to apply this information in the real world of tight schedules, restricted resources, and projects that do not proceed as planned.

Last Mile

Last Mile Author David Baldacci
ISBN-10 9783641182120
Release 2017-10-30
Pages 544
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Der Memory Man ist zurück! Seit einem Unfall kann Amos Decker, der Memory Man, nichts mehr vergessen. Fast wäre er an den unlöschbaren Bildern seiner traumatischen Vergangenheit zerbrochen. Aber nun hat er ein neues Lebensziel gefunden: Innerhalb einer Spezialeinheit des FBI klärt er ungelöste Schwerverbrechen. In seinem ersten Fall geht es um Melvin Mars, der seit zwanzig Jahren in der Todeszelle sitzt. Er soll seine eigenen Eltern ermordet haben. Doch Stunden vor seiner geplanten Exekution taucht ein Mann auf und behauptet, der Schuldige zu sein. Kann Decker ihm glauben? Ist Melvin Mars unschuldig und muss vor der Todesstrafe bewahrt werden? Oder wird ein hochgefährlicher Mörder auf freien Fuß gesetzt? Als ein Mitglied aus Deckers Team plötzlich spurlos verschwindet, zeigt sich bald, dass der Fall eine noch viel tiefergehende gesellschaftliche Sprengkraft birgt.