Poor Unfortunate Soul

Poor Unfortunate Soul Author Serena Valentino
ISBN-10 9781484725184
Release 2016-07-26
Pages 256
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The third novel in Serena Valentino's (Fairest of All, Beast Within) "VILLAINS" trilogy, featuring the story of the Little Mermaid from the perspective of the sea witch Ursula

Jammin with the Jonas Brothers

Jammin  with the Jonas Brothers Author Lexi Ryals
ISBN-10 9781101215593
Release 2008-02-14
Pages 128
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The Jonas Brothers really are the kids of the future! They have been fan favorites since they released their first album, It’s About Time, in 2006. With their music and acting careers heating up they’re unstoppable. Now learn all about Kevin, Joe, and Nick— from their childhood to their rise to fame plus all of their favorite things, hobbies, and love lives!

Hard To Grip

Hard To Grip Author Emil DeAndreis
ISBN-10 9781943156160
Release 2017-04-01
Pages 304
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In 2008, after a record-breaking career as a D1 college baseball player, Emil DeAndreis' life seemed set: He was twenty-three, in great shape, and had just been offered a contract to pitch professionally in Europe. Then his body fell apart. It started with elbow stiffness, then swelling in his wrist. Soon, his fingers were too bloated to grip a baseball. He had Rheumatoid Arthritis, a disease that causes swelling and eventual deterioration of the joints, mostly targeting old people and women. Hard To Grip tells the story of a young man's body giving out when he needs it most. It chronicles an ascending sports career, the ups and downs of life in the NCAA, and the challenges of letting go of pro baseball due to a dehumanizing condition. In a series of humorous anecdotes, Emil takes the reader on his bittersweet journey of a young man's having to grapple with an "old woman's disease." From striking out future major leaguer All Stars, to sitting in support groups; from breaking university records, to barely making it up the stairs; from language barriers with Chinese healers to figuring out how to be employed as a vegetable, this book unveils the disease with humor and fearless honesty through the eyes of an unlikely victim. This memoir is an honest, rueful and at times hilarious story about learning to come to terms with a new reality, and an inspiring account of how Emil learned to run with the disease and not from it.


TONE Author Melissa Hansen
ISBN-10 9781491746318
Release 2014-09-11
Pages 282
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The Vampire Fairy Tale Trilogy concludes with TONE Afterlife for vampire Hope Havergale becomes an awfully big adventure. She discovers that her immortal teenage, beloved Christian has taken a cure and turned human again. Peculiar visions and unpredictable abilities have set a new tone for Hope and force her to reassess her place in their perfect paradise on Perish Key in Southern Florida. Realizing that her family legacy includes witchcraft, Hopes becomes endowed with more power than she knows what to do with. Deeper down the rabbit hole she flees, only to find herself apprenticing for a familiar, old witch. Her skills are tested as an onslaught for new-world-order vampires plan to destroy the life she's come to love. Hope and her motley brood have until the clock strikes twelve to prevent the irrevocable shattering of their chance at a real happily ever after.


R I P Author Kathryn Collis
ISBN-10 9781503503830
Release 2015-03-19
Pages 238
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Jim and Maud McStuffem own and operate the Peaceful Rest Funeral and Reception Service, sometimes not as efficiently as they would like. An error on the part of their staff sees them getting on the wrong side of a Mafia don, Vittorio Paruzzi. As revenge, Vittorio kidnaps their makeup girl, Fleur, stashes her at his brother Mario's place, and holds her hostage for $500,000. Fleur is no shrinking violet (or, er, iris) and soon turns Mario's household upside down. Things become even more complicated when a rival Mafia don decides he wants the $500,000 and kidnaps Fleur from her captors. He has no idea what he is in for. ***** Praise for Siblings: “An intense, well-crafted story of how the people closest to us can become our worst enemies.” —Kirkus Reviews

Developer Hegemony

Developer Hegemony Author Erik Dietrich
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It’s been said that software is eating the planet. The modern economy—the world itself—relies on technology. Demand for the people who can produce it far outweighs the supply. So why do developers occupy largely subordinate roles in the corporate structure? Developer Hegemony explores the past, present, and future of the corporation and what it means for developers. While it outlines problems with the modern corporate structure, it’s ultimately a play-by-play of how to leave the corporate carnival and control your own destiny. And it’s an emboldening, specific vision of what software development looks like in the world of developer hegemony—one where developers band together into partner firms of “efficiencers,” finally able to command the pay, respect, and freedom that’s earned by solving problems no one else can. Developers, if you grow tired of being treated like geeks who can only be trusted to take orders and churn out code, consider this your call to arms. Bring about the autonomous future that’s rightfully yours. It’s time for developer hegemony.

Uncertain but Faithful

Uncertain  but Faithful Author Krista Lewis
ISBN-10 9781973602675
Release 2017-11-08
Pages 218
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In a small southern town in the spring of 1940, a young lady named Erin is struggling with the frightening state of the world and the terrifying state of her love life. Erin has long awaited the day when she’d meet the man of her dreams, get married, and settle down. However, she hasn’t had many prospects in her life and is beginning to feel frustrated by her lack of progress. But when she meets a young man one day from out of town, Erin starts thinking that her seemingly stagnant life might be moving forward. Although the man seems to be the answer to her prayers, he brings with him a mysterious past that eventually causes her to doubt his authenticity. The story explores their relationship developed on old-fashioned values, the twists and turns brought by his arrival, and Erin’s continued faithfulness to God all the way to the final page.

Ghosts of Mateguas

Ghosts of Mateguas Author Linda Watkins
ISBN-10 9781944815011
Release 2016-03-15
Pages 326
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The body of a young girl, found floating in the icy waters of Scarborough Marsh... Six men, over a span of thirty-five years, disappear without a trace... A harbinger of evil, so ancient it defies memory, surfaces on the rocky shores of Mateguas... Journey, with Karen and her family, back to the mythos, passion, and magic, and join her as she seeks to finally lay to rest the ... GHOSTS OF MATEGUAS. GHOSTS OF MATEGUAS is the third full-length novel in highly acclaimed, award-winning, MATEGUAS ISLAND SERIES. "Ghosts of Mateguas joins others in the Mateguas Island saga in providing the third novel in a series that excels in blending supernatural forces with a family's relationships and the lure of an island which has changed all their lives ... Ghosts of Mateguas offers a compelling saga of grief, guilt, and perseverance that deftly combines suspense with supernatural intrigue. Prior fans of the series, especially, will find the further interactions between the characters to be engrossing and satisfying, staying true to prior events while adding deeper insights and tension and intrigue to the mix and adding a dose of revelations and truths that draw together prior events in a satisfying new story just as well-crafted as its predecessors." ~ Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW "Linda Watkins’ supernatural suspense novel, Ghosts of Mateguas: A Mateguas Island Novel, is dark, fast-paced and intense ...I had a grand time reading Ghosts of Mateguas and hope the author decides to write a fourth book in this terrifying and suspenseful series. It’s most highly recommended." ~ Jack Magnus for READERS' FAVORITE (5-Star Review) "Those who love stories with some touch of mystery will not be disappointed with this one ... Watkins writes with moving simplicity, a kind of prose that tantalizes and is difficult to put down, because it rings with an eloquence that is akin to the spell of the ghosts sauntering along the rocky shores of Mateguas. It can be difficult to believe a story told about humans and ghosts, but when that story is told by Watkins, it becomes as convincing as it is real ... The story is fast paced; the suspense is so skillfully built into the story to have the reader turning the pages, and the characters are solid enough that any reader will care about what happens to them. One would say that Ghosts of Mateguas comes with a spell that makes the book impossible to put down. Beautifully written by a writer of a rare caliber." ~ Romuald Dzemo for READERS' FAVORITE (5-Star Review) "I found Ghosts of Mateguas to be a quick-paced psychological thriller/horror story. The various stories that made up the tapestry of the whole were equally engaging, and kept me turning the pages. If you enjoy books similar to Stephen King and Dean Koontz, be sure to check out the Mateguas Island books!" ~ J. Aislynn d'Merricksson for READERS FAVORITE (5-Star Review)

Tinker Belles and Evil Queens

Tinker Belles and Evil Queens Author Sean P. Griffin
ISBN-10 9780814738702
Release 2000-02-01
Pages 292
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From its Magic Kingdom theme parks to its udderless cows, the Walt Disney Company has successfully maintained itself as the brand name of conservative American family values. But the Walt Disney Company has also had a long and complex relationship to the gay and lesbian community that is only now becoming visible. In Tinker Belles and Evil Queens, Sean Griffin traces the evolution of this interaction between the company and gay communities, from the 1930s use of Mickey Mouse as a code phrase for gay to the 1990s "Gay Nights" at the Magic Kingdom. Armed with first-person accounts from Disney audiences, Griffin demonstrates how Disney animation, live-action films, television series, theme parks, and merchandise provide varied motifs and characteristics that readily lend themselves to use by gay culture. But Griffin delves further to explore the role of gays and lesbians within the company, through an examination of the background of early studio personnel, an account of sexual activism within the firm, and the story of the company's own concrete efforts to give recognition to gay voices and desires. The first book to address the history of the gay community and Disney, Tinker Belles and Evil Queens broadly examines the ambiguous legacy of how modern consumerism and advertising have affected the ways lesbians and gay men have expressed their sexuality. Disney itself is shown as sensitive to gay and lesbian audiences, while exploiting those same audiences as a niche market with strong buying power. Finally, Griffin demonstrates how queer audiences have co-opted Disney products for themselves-and in turn how Disney's corporate strategies have influenced our very definitions of sexuality.

French Kissing

French Kissing Author Catherine Sanderson
ISBN-10 9780141922928
Release 2009-08-27
Pages 384
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Name: Sally Marshall Status: single mother Age: 32 Nationality: ten years in France, yet still English through and through I like: Living in Paris, playing with my daughter Lila (four years old), the company of good friends, the smell of baking bread... So reads Sally's ad, posted on a French online dating site called Rendez-Vous. Sally left Nicolas, her French boyfriend of ten years and Lila's father, after she discovered that he was having an affair with his secretary. Six months have now passed, and although most of the time she feels as if she's just dashing around like a headless chicken, she's beginning to bounce back. But making a new start is fraught with complications. As she meets freshly single Frédéric for a drink, spends the night with charmer Manu and runs away from ex-pat Marcus, she wonders: can she find a way to reconcile motherhood with single womanhood? To what extent can she keep Lila and her love life separate? And is she truly ready to turn her back on Nicolas?

Expressive Spaces in Digital 3D Cinema

Expressive Spaces in Digital 3D Cinema Author Owen Weetch
ISBN-10 9781137542670
Release 2016-09-26
Pages 168
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This book puts forward a more considered perspective on 3D, which is often seen as a distracting gimmick at odds with artful cinematic storytelling. Owen Weetch looks at how stereography brings added significance and expressivity to individual films that all showcase remarkable uses of the format. Avatar, Gravity, The Hole, The Great Gatsby and Frozen all demonstrate that stereography is a rich and sophisticated process that has the potential to bring extra meaning to a film’s narrative and themes. Through close reading of these five very different examples, Expressive Spaces in Digital 3D Cinema shows how being sensitive to stereographic manipulation can nuance and enrich the critical appreciation of stereoscopic films. It demonstrates that the expressive placement of characters and objects within 3D film worlds can construct meaning in ways that are unavailable to ‘flat’ cinema.

The Screaming Diary of Trapped Souls

The Screaming Diary of Trapped Souls Author Chad Stephens
ISBN-10 9781468920376
Release 2012-12-06
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This novel is about masks and the masks we identify with on a daily basis. WHo are we really talking to beneath the surface. This book is about halloween happening year round with those who choose to wear their masks.This books begs the question on whether or not there is good and evil outside ourselves or is it just a chemical imbalance in the brain; suspended somewhere in purgatory. Caught between heaven and hell.


BLACK SOUL Author Ahmet M. Rahmanovic
ISBN-10 9781450040662
Release 2010-02-05
Pages 338
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About the book: "The best novel published about the Bosnian tragedy..." - Academic, Tvrtko Kulenovic After fifty years, genocide in Europe again. This time live, 24/7 coverage of the extermination of a nation. The author, Ahmet M. Rahmanovic, pens a fictional novel based on the true events of Bosnia ́s darkest period in "Black Soul", a new book release through Xlibris. This book, unlike any others, gives a face to all the actors in the Bosnian tragedy. In gripping war-action thriller, Rahmanovic takes readers from the battle-torn hills of Sarajevo to the streets of Chicago, where one man journeys to find new meaning in his life. Can he escape the horrors of memory in a foreign land, or will it continue to haunt him? "It is a story of love and war, of tenderness and brutality. The author tells a raw, often brutal story of unorthodox aggression, the likes of which are unprecedented in the history of war. The reader will find madness, insanity, blood, the hypocrisy of world powers ..." - Mugdim Karabeg, Journalist. But beneath the story, Rahmanovic presents us with a subtle account of the Bosnian Muslims, their outlook on life, justice, dignity, and honor. Most of all, this novel gives hope of building bridges between people, and shows how little good will is needed to turn the differences of religion, culture and race from an obstacle to a strength. Since its initial release in Bosnia, Black Soul has enjoyed a consistent ranking on the best seller list. More about the book and the author at www.blacksoul.us

The Night Comer

The Night Comer Author Tony Zeoli
ISBN-10 9781932966152
Release 2005
Pages 220
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Understanding GOD'S Overall Plan - Takes Bible Words back to the Original Manuscripts. - Discusses the Three Heaven and Earth Ages found in the Bible. - Discusses Religion, Sex and Money as found in the Bible. - Answers many basic questions that most people wonder about, yet have never been able to get an answer to. - Tells what the Bible says about What You Should Eat. - Talks about Dinosaurs and UFO's found in the Bible. - Gives you the tools needed to check it out for yourself.

The Great Unexpected

The Great Unexpected Author Sharon Creech
ISBN-10 9781448187249
Release 2013-10-30
Pages 224
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In the little town of Blackbird Tree a series of curious events unfold when Naomi and Lizzie, two spirited orphan girls, meet the strangely charming new boy, Finn. Three locked trunks, the mysterious Dingle Dangle man, a pair of rooks, a crooked bridge, and that boy change their lives for ever. As the story alternates between their small town and across-the-ocean Ireland, two worlds are woven together, revealing that hearts can be mended and that there is indeed a gossamer thread that connects us all. 'One of those stories that stays with you long after you have finished reading.' Booksellers' Choice, The Bookseller


Sawgrass Author Alex J. McDonald
ISBN-10 9781468517064
Release 2004-10-19
Pages 208
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A missing cop is found dead in his car in an orange grove. Suicide or murder? The evidence points to murder but the bureaucrats want it to be suicide. Det. Sgt. Daniel Quinn is in charge of the investigation and sets out to prove murder. A second murder occurs and Quinn finds the two are connected. Quinn becomes embroiled in a drug smuggling investigation and is forced to battle politics, a smuggling group and even the D.E.A. All of this leads to a surprise ending.

Yours 2 Keep

Yours 2 Keep Author Kay Hooper
ISBN-10 9780307493675
Release 2008-12-18
Pages 336
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The millennium bug plays matchmaker! When the millennium bug gives a crash course in romance, anything can happen--in these spellbinding stories by five beloved romance writers. "Arts Magica" by Kay Hooper When apprentice wizard Felicity Grant conducts a reckless experiment on New Year's Eve, she's hurled from present-day Seattle to 1899 London--and into the arms of a singular man--. "Gabriel's Angel" by Marilyn Pappano For Gabe Rawlins, the new year holds little promise--until he awakens from a harrowing incident to discover by his side a beautiful, tender woman who offers hope--and much more. "Stuck with You" by Michelle Martin When a blackout strikes San Francisco's most glittering party, a softhearted defense attorney gets stuck in a stalled elevator with her most implacable adversary--and finds herself in a free fall of a different kind. "Close Quarters" by Donna Kauffman The daughter of an ex-president finds her peaceful holiday turned upside down when she's trapped in a surveillance truck with a former secret service agent, the same one she'd had a hopeless crush on as a teenager. "Trouble at Midnight" by Jill Shalvis Wanting more in life than a predictable beau, a young woman vows to seek adventure--until a near disaster makes her wonder if her bland Clark Kent is really Superman in disguise. From the Paperback edition.