Jud A Magical Journey

Jud  A Magical Journey Author Jud Heathcote
ISBN-10 9781613215418
Release 2013-12-13
Pages 999
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With a career record of 420-273 and an MSU mark of 340-220 Jud Heathcote has more than stood the test of time and at retirement was the fifth-winningest coach in the Big Ten History. He directed the Spartan program to the 1979 NCAA Championship, three Big Ten titles, and seven of the Spartans' 20-win seasons.

A Magical Journey with Carlos Castaneda

A Magical Journey with Carlos Castaneda Author Margaret Runyan Castaneda
ISBN-10 9780595153183
Release 2001-02-01
Pages 232
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Carlos Castaneda burst onto the academic and cultural scene in 1968 when he published the first of four books detailing his supposed apprenticeship with a Yaqui Indian sorcerer named Don Juan. While academic critics contend Castaneda invented Don Juan, believers say the fog surrounding his existence express the very ideals that Castaneda attributed to his apprenticeship. Little is known of the Peruvian claiming to be Don Juan's apprentice, but in addition to leading a generation into a mystical otherworld, Carlos Castaneda was also a man. Married to him for thirteen years was Margaret Runyan Castaneda. A Magical Journey with Carlos Castaneda reads partly like a love story, partly like a tell-all account of a celebrity writer. Margaret Castaneda concentrates on the years leading up to her marriage in 1960. It was then Margaret and Carlos explored many of the ideas -- from controlling dreams to using hallucinogenic mushrooms -- that he claims to have learned from Don Juan. Nevertheless, Margaret Castenada believes her husband was indeed a sorcerer, and she still loves him. She insists Castaneda's academic critics miss the point. "I'm willing to accept Don Juan as a spiritual teacher, and it really doesn't matter if he's not real." But the role she claims -- in developing the ideas Carlos purports to be Don Juan's -- ought to be recognized, she says, so she wrote this book.

A Child s Magical Journey to China

A Child s Magical Journey to China Author Y. F. Fee
ISBN-10 9781438902548
Release 2008-07
Pages 40
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Have you ever wanted to visit other countries? Journey with LiLi the International Kid and her lovable best friend, Teeny Tiny bear, as they take you around the world. Come along and help LiLi and Teeny Tiny solve travel riddles to advance to the next travel destination. It's a journey kids of all ages have to experience. Ready? Let's go!!

Child of the Dawn

Child of the Dawn Author Guatama Chopra
ISBN-10 9781934408193
Release 2010-07-22
Pages 208
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Based on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Child of the Dawn tells a rich and colorful tale about an orphan boy, Hakim, who is lost, alone, and seeking his purpose in life. As Hakim becomes aware of himself and his lowly position in life, he dreams he is a king in a luxurious palace, surrounded by servants and adoring subjects. The stark contrast with his waking life inspires in him a desperate urge to make such a life his own.He embarks upon a quest for power and wealth, thinking this will bring him the happiness he seeks. It is a search for meaning, a quest for love, the justification of his entire existence. Searching for a mysterious ¿wise one,¿ Hakim encounters many colorful characters on his travels ¿ helpful figures who impart timeless wisdom with wit and charm, shadowy eccentrics who tempt him with intriguing offers, and elusive guardian spirits who quietly appear to watch over him.Hakim¿s journey takes him through inner and outer worlds as he struggles toward the dawn of understanding, and is led to an ultimate realization about the true meaning of power and freedom. As we follow Hakim¿s search, we are led through the inner landscape of our own hearts into a deeper understanding of the spiritual laws that govern life and lead us to the fulfillment of our dreams.

A Magical Journey

A Magical Journey Author Random House Disney
ISBN-10 0736421645
Release 2003
Pages 24
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A boy who hates bears is transformed into one and forced to see the world through the eyes of his former enemy.

Who We Are

Who We Are Author Colleen Costello
ISBN-10 1452541175
Release 2011-10-27
Pages 152
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We have all been such travellers. We have travelled through space and time and seen the most magnificent sights and beauty along the way. We have been everywhere and done everything, though we have forgotten the brilliance of just how beautiful we are. We have forgotten where we came from, but we will remember this again soon, as we always do. This book is a journey through the galaxies, stars, and dimensions on through the golden ages of Lemuria and Atlantis, journeying with the Angelics and the Galactics, on Native American lands and now onto the new golden age. We are divine, little bright lights, and we have come here from the heart of our Creator to live on Gaia, Great Mother Earth, so that our soul has the opportunity to experience spiritual and physical life, experiencing our connections to the Creator. In the new golden age, we will have the opportunity to bring heaven down to earth once more, as it was in the previous golden ages.


Yellowstone Author Barry Weigel
ISBN-10 9781504953498
Release 2015-11-04
Pages 216
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Megan, twelve, and Zane, nine, want to go to Yellowstone National Park with their grandpa and grandma. When their parents say no, they take matters into their own hands, hiding in the back of the truck and going anyway. They never could have guessed they would end up having a magical, sometimes terrifying, adventure. Along the way, they meet a lost-in-time Lakota tribe and a very interesting mountain man, who help them along their journey. But the story is just getting started and becomes much more than a journey and an adventure.

Magical Journey

Magical Journey Author Katrina Kenison
ISBN-10 9781455518043
Release 2013-01-08
Pages 464
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"No longer indispensable, no longer assured of our old carefully crafted identities, no longer beautiful in the way we were at twenty or thirty or forty, we are hungry and searching nonetheless." From the author of The Gift of an Ordinary Day, this intimate memoir of loss, self-discovery, and growth will resonate deeply with any woman who has ever mourned the passage of time, questioned her own purpose, or wondered, "Do I have what it takes to create something new in my life?" With the candor and warmth that have endeared her to readers, Kenison reflects on the inevitable changes wrought by time: the death of a dear friend, children leaving home, recognition of her own physical vulnerability, and surprising shifts in her marriage. She finds solace in the notion that midlife is also a time of unprecedented opportunity for growth as old roles and responsibilities fall away, and unanticipated possibilities appear on the horizon. More a spiritual journey than a physical one, Kenison's beautifully crafted exploration begins and ends with a home, a life, a marriage. But this metamorphosis proves as demanding as any trek or pilgrimage to distant lands-it will guide and inspire every woman who finds herself asking "What now?"

The Magical Journey

The Magical Journey Author Lisa Klein
ISBN-10 9780578034980
Release 2009-10
Pages 32
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The beauty of this sweet and gentle story is to enlighten discussions between the reader and the child. Ethics, morals and character traits are portrayed through the tree's path towards wisdom and maturity. Life itself, for everyone, is a magical journey.


Aurora Author Dianne Harradence
ISBN-10 9781925516197
Release 2016-08-19
Pages 86
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Aurora is a young woman who comes into possession of a stone with magical properties. Her land of Elshann is being threatened by an evil wizard and, together with a prince, she goes on a quest to battle the wizard and save the land.

Magical Journey Meditations

Magical Journey Meditations Author Lisa Mastrocola
ISBN-10 9781452568515
Release 2013-04
Pages 80
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The meditations in Magical Journey Meditations are a fun way to help your child focus, concentrate, or relax. The craft ideas will provide concrete visuals for home meditation which will allow your child to revisit his or her journey at any time. Meditation is a wonderful calming and centering tool, and once learned, it becomes a skill that every child can carry into adulthood. The meditations in this book are soothing, comforting, and unique. "Life will always have stress, but knowing how to deal with it effectively is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children...Magical Journey Meditations is a wonderful escape to a slower, simpler, calmer place." – Lisa Fabin-Bett, Ph.D. "My daughter is a unique, creative child who sometimes has difficulty turning off her busy brain at bedtime. We have used Magical Journey Meditations for years to help her use her imagination and Guardian Angel to release stress and relieve anxiety. This book is a great addition to any child's book collection!" – Dr. Amy Lemieux and daughter Jackie

Remy Elephant Sees the World a Magical Journey the Heart Beholds

Remy Elephant Sees the World  a Magical Journey the Heart Beholds Author Elena Tudor
ISBN-10 9781442115668
Release 2009-04
Pages 30
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"Remy Elephant Sees the World, A Magical Journey the Heart Beholds" follows the adventures of a witty baby elephant. With a big heart, sheer determination and a little magic Remy realizes her dream. Come along with Remy to play with Tuareg kids in Africa, sing with Arcadian shepherds in Greece and celebrate the sacred rain with Hindu children at the Kailash Temple in India. Subjects: I. Endangered mammals and varied marine wildlife - African Elephant, white Bengal tiger, red Panda, blue whale, seahorse, giant squid, jellyfish and star fish. II. Fiction - Fantasy travel, childhood to teenage initiation, self discovery. III - Biology - Elephant trunk characteristics IV. Geography - South Africa, Sahara, Egypt, Mount Olympus Greece, Ellora Caves, Indian Ocean. Relief forms - plains, desert, sea, ocean, mountains, caves, jungle. Natural calamities - earthquake. V. Cultures - Marathi Hindus, Tuareg, Pan God and Greek Mythology, Arcadian shepherds, Pyramids, Kailash Temple.

Pixie s Magical Journey

Pixie s Magical Journey Author Jl Schaefer
ISBN-10 9781468501414
Release 2011-11
Pages 24
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Pixie is an adventurous little spirit who takes a journey on the wild side of the universe.

A Magical Journey

A Magical Journey Author Serene Conneeley
ISBN-10 0980548713
Release 2010-08
Pages 322
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A unique diary from the author of Seven Sacred Sites who provides exercises to awaken your inner voice and shows ways to make your dreams come true by attuning yourself to the sacred energy of the seasons and the cycles of the moon.

The Magical Journey

The Magical Journey Author Diana Delrusso
ISBN-10 9781481741897
Release 2007-07-06
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Dusty and Breanne find themselves alone when their Grandmother is rushed to the hospital. They decide to avoid staying with strangers by sneaking off on a quest to find their missing parents. On their journey they meet a magical friend who helps them save their parents from an evil man inside a dangerous castle.

The Prince and His Magical Journey

The Prince and His Magical Journey Author Stacey Downs
ISBN-10 9781504983495
Release 2016-05-25
Pages 34
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The BOOK you are about to read is somewhat of a GUESS. Some is real, some is NOT! I’m NOT about to confess. Through a PRINCE and a CASTLE and a GARDEN and a QUEEN, YOU as the reader will decide what you think you have seen. Fall in LOVE with the Prince and the Garden as well. This story will take you EVERY WHERE! Once again ... I CANNOT tell. If you LOVE a true story mixed with FANTASY and RHYME, when you’re done reading this book, close your eyes ... you’ll feel sunshine.

The Search

The Search Author Esete E. Adam
ISBN-10 9781481796880
Release 2013-06
Pages 74
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Angela Thomas was a girl with happy life. But then one day, when she and her father were going to the party, they had a car accident. She survived the accident with little memory loss. But her father's body was nowhere to be found. For 10 years, the police searched for Angela's father but couldn't find him. The police told Angela and her mother that if Angela's father was not found in a year time, he would be declared legally dead. Angela couldn't accept this fact that she embarked on a magical journey in search of her father. Would Angela be able to find her father?