It Started With A Tweet

It Started With A Tweet Author Anna Bell
ISBN-10 9781785763700
Release 2017-12-07
Pages 400
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Could YOU survive a digital detox? Perfect for fans of Lucy Diamond and Sophie Kinsella, It Started With A Tweet is the hilarious new romantic comedy from the author of The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart. 'Had me smiling from start to finish. It was a joy to read; smart, witty and completely fresh' Cathy Bramley Daisy Hobson lives her whole life online. But when her social media obsession causes her to make a catastrophic mistake at work, Daisy finds her life going into free-fall . . . Her sister Rosie thinks she has the answer to all of Daisy's problems - a digital detox in a remote cottage in Cumbria. Soon, too, Daisy a welcome distraction there in Jack, the rugged man-next-door. But can Daisy, a London girl, ever really settle into life in a tiny, isolated village? And, more importantly, can she survive without her phone? See what people are saying about the queen of romantic comedy, Anna Bell: 'The perfect laugh-out-loud love story for the digital generation. I loved it!' Louise Pentland, bestselling author of Wilde Like Me 'Perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella' Take a Break 'Funny, relatable and fabulously written' Daily Express 'Romantic and refreshing' Mhairi McFarlane 'A fun, bouncy, brilliant tale' Heat 'Funny, romantic and uplifting' Cressida McLaughlin, author of The Canal Boat Cafe

Holly Hagan Not Quite A Geordie

Holly Hagan   Not Quite A Geordie Author Holly Hagan
ISBN-10 9781784184018
Release 2015-04-02
Pages 300
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'I wasn't going to get anywhere without causing a stir. The way I saw it, if people don't gossip or talk about you, you are not making waves. And I was making huge rip curls on Geordie Shore.'Now into its tenth season, Holly Hagan has had viewers of Geordie Shore glued to their screens ever since the very first episode. Since appearing as a fresh-faced eighteen-year-old in 2011, Holly has captivated audiences with her hot tub antics and flame-red hair as the Geordies have flirted their way around the world, from Newcastle to Magaluf, Cancun and Australia.Fame and fortune, though, came at a price - the road from the call centre to the celebrity circuit has been far from smooth. In this action-packed, revealing, funny and sometimes heart-breaking memoir, Holly recounts her life in and out of the limelight with brutal honesty - from her childhood days when she was badly bullied, her shocking take on sex and dating and what really goes on behind-the-scenes on the UK's biggest reality TV show, including the truth behind her blossoming relationship with housemate Kyle.Filled with genuinely touching stories and inside accounts of what they don't show you on TV, Holly has laid herself bare, first physically and now emotionally. If you think you know all there is to know about Holly from Geordie Shore, think again.

Tweet If You Heart Jesus

Tweet If You  Heart  Jesus Author Elizabeth Drescher
ISBN-10 9780819224231
Release 2011-05-01
Pages 190
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A timely resource dealing with communication, leadership and community formation in the age of digital social media.

Eigentlich bist du gar nicht mein Typ

Eigentlich bist du gar nicht mein Typ Author Anna Bell
ISBN-10 9783426441053
Release 2016-05-25
Pages 400
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Ein romantischer, humorvoller und moderner Liebes-Roman über die Geheimnisse der Liebe, die positive Energie von To-Do-Listen und der Erkenntnis, dass wir nur glücklich werden, wenn wir unseren eigenen Träumen folgen. Das perfekte Sommer-Lesevergnügen! Abi ist sich sicher, in Joseph ihren Traummann gefunden zu haben. Mit ihm möchte sie alt werden und den Sonnenuntergang in Portsmouth beobachten. Joseph sieht das allerdings etwas anders und verlässt Abi von einem Tag auf den anderen mit der Begründung, sie seien zu verschieden. Abi ist am Boden zerstört und hofft, dass Joseph wieder zur Besinnung kommt. Als er ihr wenige Tage später allerdings eine Kiste mit ihren Sachen vor die Tür stellt, ist es amtlich: Er will nichts mehr mit ihr zu tun haben. In der Kiste findet Abi eine Bucket-List von Joseph, die sie nie zuvor gesehen hat: "Zehn Dinge, die ich vor meinem 40. Geburtstag getan haben möchte." Abi ist sich sicher: Wenn sie die Punkte auf Josephs Liste abarbeitet, wird er erkennen, dass sie die perfekte Frau für ihn ist. Dummerweise muss man ein sportbegeisterter Adrenalin-Junkie sein, um dabei zumindest ein bisschen Spaß zu haben. Surfen, mit dem Fahrrad an einem Tag um eine Insel radeln, Berge erklimmen und den höchsten Turm der Stadt besteigen? Oh Gott, denkt Abi und spürt, wie ihre Knie allein beim Gedanken daran weich werden. Doch sie gibt nicht auf und nimmt all ihren Mut zusammen. Alte und neue Freunde unterstützen sie, und so wächst Abi mit jeder kleinen und großen Herausforderung ein Stück weit mehr über sich hinaus. Sie ist mutig, verlässt ihre Komfortzone und überwindet Unsicherheiten. Als sie sich schließlich ihrer größten Angst - der Höhe - stellt, erkennt Abi, dass sie nur dann wirklich glücklich wird, wenn sie ihre eigenen Träume lebt. Und in denen spielt Joseph plötzlich gar keine Hauptrolle mehr ... »Erfrischend und romantisch und mit einer großartigen Botschaft: Wir Mädels sollten viel mehr an uns und unsere Stärken glauben.« Mhairi McFarlane, Bestseller-Autorin von "Wir in drei Worten", "Vielleicht mag ich dich morgen" und "Es muss wohl an dir liegen" Die Engländerin Anna Bell lebt mittlerweile mit ihrem Mann und ihren zwei Kindern in Frankreich. Ihren Mann hat sie bei einer Trekking-Tour am Fuße des Mount Everest kennengelernt.

Tweet Naked

Tweet Naked Author Scott Levy
ISBN-10 9781613082478
Release 2013-12-16
Pages 184
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Presenting a fresh perspective on a common challenge, author Scott Levy delivers a new answer to every business owner’s social media question — how can I make social media work for me? Levy’s solution takes a cue from another explosive media phenomenon: reality TV. Levy invites readers to create the same magnetism that pulls reality TV viewers in by using the same tools: transparency, authenticity, and a human element. Readers learn how to use social platforms to tactfully share, or bare, their brand, inciting consumer action. Readers also learn how to strip their social media strategy down to what works for their brand, exhibit transparency that engages followers on all popular social channels, and create brand consistency across all social platforms. Other topics cover engineering positive brand impacts and avoid devastating damage, using crowdsourcing and retweets, and lifting a brand from relative obscurity to significant popularity. Real-life examples relate well-known business brands such as Sharpie and Jet Blue, and personal brands such as NFL Runningback DeAngelo Williams. Social media marketers learn exactly what it takes to seduce the masses and turn them from passive followers to brand champions and loyal brand buyers.

Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business

Ultimate Guide to Twitter for Business Author Ted Prodromou
ISBN-10 9781613081822
Release 2013-02-01
Pages 304
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Who should you follow? How many people should you follow? How often should you tweet? Most people don’t get Twitter. Longtime internet guru Ted Prodromou shows you how to become someone who does. Set to prove that 140 characters or less and a hashtag can dramatically grow your brand and your business, Prodromou takes you step by step into the Twitterverse and shows you how to tweet your way to the top of your industry.


 IT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Tweet Book01 Author Peter Spielvogel
ISBN-10 9781616990527
Release 2011-04-01
Pages 134
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Managing IT infrastructure has always been challenging, and virtualization and cloud computing make this even more difficult. Authors Spielvogel, John Haworth, and Sonja Hickey explain how to manage IT infrastructure, while encouraging readers to think a different way about some of their decisions.

Twitter For Dummies

Twitter For Dummies Author Laura Fitton
ISBN-10 9781118960097
Release 2014-12-05
Pages 312
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A fully updated new edition of the fun and easy guide to getting up and running on Twitter With more than half a billion registered users, Twitter continues to grow by leaps and bounds. This handy guide, from one of the first marketers to discover the power of Twitter, covers all the new features. It explains all the nuts and bolts, how to make good connections, and why and how Twitter can benefit you and your business. Fully updated to cover all the latest features and changes to Twitter Written by a Twitter pioneer who was one of the first marketers to fully tap into Twitter's business applications Ideal for beginners, whether they want to use Twitter to stay in touch with friends or to market their products and services Explains how to incorporate Twitter into other social media and how to use third-party tools to improve and simplify Twitter


 tweetsmart Author Jesse McDougall
ISBN-10 9781449309114
Release 2012-02-15
Pages 85
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"OK. I’ve got my Twitter account…now what can I do with it?" Sound familiar? #tweetsmart provides the answer with 25 creative projects to help your business, cause, or organization grow. But this isn’t just another social media marketing book—it’s the anti-marketing how-to community-engagement book. Twitter is not a marketing channel (and should never be used as such) but it is a community of interested, engaged, and influential people. Meeting and getting to know these people can help you build your own community. In this useful guide, you’ll find projects to help you approach your Twitter audience in ways that are strategic, measurable, and fun. Put a new wrinkle on an old contest: "be the 10th person to tweet" Create a hashtag game around your company or products Instead of polling, ask your followers to help you make a product decision Make MadLibs out of your marketing copy or mission statement Hold a scavenger hunt, and relay clues via Twitter Organize a weekly Twitter chat on various subjects Solicit funny product shots, using Twitter’s photo-sharing utility Spontaneously tweet from a store location: "Meet me now and win!"


Reach Author Ben Jealous
ISBN-10 9781476799858
Release 2015-02-03
Pages 304
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A New York Times and Washington Post Bestseller In this timely and important collection of personal essays, black men from all walks of life share their inspiring stories and ultimately how each, in his own way, became a source of hope for his community and country. Reach includes forty first-person accounts from well-known men like the Rev. Al Sharpton, John Legend, Isiah Thomas, Bill T. Jones, Louis Gossett, Jr., and Talib Kweli, alongside influential community organizers, businessmen, religious leaders, philanthropists, and educators. These remarkable individuals are living proof that black men are as committed as ever to ensuring a better world for themselves and for others. Powerful and indispensable to our ongoing cultural dialogue, Reach explodes myths about black men by providing rare, candid, and deeply personal insights into their lives. It’s a blueprint for better community engagement. It’s an essential resource for communities everywhere. Proceeds from the sale of Reach will go to BMe Community, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building caring and prosperous communities inspired by black men. Reach is also a Project of the Kapor Center for Social Impact, one of the founding supporters of President Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative.


 Millennialtweet Author Alexandra Levit
ISBN-10 9781607730583
Release 2009-09
Pages 120
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Like all young people, the Millennials offer the corporate world enormous energy and talent. However, channeling their positive attributes requires a patient, nurturing approach. Levit provides tools that can be implemented instantly to assist in making the 20-something employees more effective.

Planning for Big Data

Planning for Big Data Author Edd Dumbill
ISBN-10 9781449329648
Release 2012-03-12
Pages 83
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In an age where everything is measurable, understanding big data is an essential. From creating new data-driven products through to increasing operational efficiency, big data has the potential to make your organization both more competitive and more innovative. As this emerging field transitions from the bleeding edge to enterprise infrastructure, it's vital to understand not only the technologies involved, but the organizational and cultural demands of being data-driven. Written by O'Reilly Radar's experts on big data, this anthology describes: The broad industry changes heralded by the big data era What big data is, what it means to your business, and how to start solving data problems The software that makes up the Hadoop big data stack, and the major enterprise vendors' Hadoop solutions The landscape of NoSQL databases and their relative merits How visualization plays an important part in data work


Twitter Author Dhiraj Murthy
ISBN-10 9780745665108
Release 2013-09-04
Pages 220
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Twitter has become a household name, discussed both for its role in prominent national elections, natural disasters, and political movements, as well as for what some malign as narcissistic “chatter.” This book takes a critical step back from popular discourse and media coverage of Twitter, to present the first balanced, scholarly engagement of this popular medium. In this timely and comprehensive introduction, Murthy not only discusses Twitter’s role in our political, economic, and social lives, but also draws a historical line between the telegraph and Twitter to reflect on changes in social communication over time. The book thoughtfully examines Twitter as an emergent global communications medium and provides a theoretical framework for students, scholars, and tweeters to reflect critically on the impact of Twitter and the contemporary media environment. The book uses case studies including citizen journalism, health, and national disasters to provide empirically rich insights and to help decipher some of the ways in which Twitter and social media more broadly may be shaping contemporary life.

Twitter Power 2 0

Twitter Power 2 0 Author Joel Comm
ISBN-10 0470625414
Release 2010-03-25
Pages 272
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Twitter Power 2 0 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Twitter Power 2 0 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Twitter Power 2 0 book for free.

Tweet This Book

Tweet This Book Author Sayre Van Young
ISBN-10 9781569759165
Release 2010-12-01
Pages 240
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Tweet This Book has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Tweet This Book also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Tweet This Book book for free.

Tweet and the Dragonfly the Story of the Cessna A 37 and T 37

Tweet and the Dragonfly the Story of the Cessna A 37 and T 37 Author Kev Darling
ISBN-10 9781411647480
Release 2005
Pages 120
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When a long serving trainer becomes one of the most potent warplanes of its size. The Cessna T-37 is only just leaving USAF service while its more warlike sibling enjoys continued usage in Latin America, as a Warbird having first made its name in Vietnam.

Social Media PR Tweet Book01 140 Bite Sized Ideas for Social Media Engagement

  Social Media PR Tweet Book01  140 Bite Sized Ideas for Social Media Engagement Author Janet Fouts
ISBN-10 9781616990459
Release 2011-05
Pages 122
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This resource tackles how to use social media, work with it, exploit its potential fully, and make it an integral component of a company's public relations toolkit.