How to Photograph Landscapes

How to Photograph Landscapes Author Joseph K. Lange
ISBN-10 0811724565
Release 1998
Pages 135
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Acclaimed professional Joseph K. Lange shares his expertise in straightforward text and lavish color photos throughout.

How to photograph flowers plants landscapes

How to photograph flowers  plants    landscapes Author Derek Fell
ISBN-10 UOM:39015013187532
Release 1980-11-01
Pages 160
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How to photograph flowers plants landscapes has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from How to photograph flowers plants landscapes also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full How to photograph flowers plants landscapes book for free.

How to photograph landscapes scenic views

How to photograph landscapes   scenic views Author David Brooks
ISBN-10 UOM:39015031203345
Release 1983-09
Pages 144
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Offers advice on filters, lenses, light meters, and films and discusses composition and image control

Lee Frost s Landscape Photography

Lee Frost s Landscape Photography Author Lee Frost
ISBN-10 0715325647
Release 2007-07-17
Pages 144
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Spectacular photography and practical advice are combined in a guide that shows readers how to photograph a landscape in nearly any condition or location and covers such topics as camera equipment and filters, composition, lighting, exposure and metering, color, and more. Original.

Das digitale Fotografie Buch

Das digitale Fotografie Buch Author Scott Kelby
ISBN-10 9783827329561
Release 2010
Pages 221
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Das digitale Fotografie Buch has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Das digitale Fotografie Buch also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Das digitale Fotografie Buch book for free.

Digital Landscape and Nature Photography For Dummies

Digital Landscape and Nature Photography For Dummies Author Doug Sahlin
ISBN-10 9781118065129
Release 2011-08-30
Pages 346
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Tips and tricks for getting the best landscape and nature pictures with a digital camera.

How to Photograph Water

How to Photograph Water Author Heather Angel
ISBN-10 0811724611
Release 1999
Pages 134
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How to capture water in all its forms as the subject in nature photos. Technical and artistic advice from an acclaimed nature photographer.

How to Photograph the Outdoors in Black and White

How to Photograph the Outdoors in Black and White Author George Schaub
ISBN-10 0811724506
Release 1999-01
Pages 122
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Veteran photographer and instructor covers all aspects of this classic medium.

How to Photograph Process Nightscapes and Time Lapses

How to Photograph   Process Nightscapes and Time Lapses Author Alan Dyer
ISBN-10 9780993958908
Release 2014-11-22
Pages 500
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The book describes — How to shoot and process still image “nightscapes” – images of landscapes taken at night by the light of the Moon or stars … and … How to shoot and assemble time-lapse movies of the stars and Milky Way turning above Earthly scenes, all using DSLR cameras. The 400-page multi-touch book includes — 50 embedded HD videos (no internet connection required) demonstrating time-lapse techniques. 60 multi-page tutorials with step-by-step instructions of how to use software: Adobe Bridge, Adobe Camera Raw, Photoshop, Lightroom, LRTimelapse, Advanced Stacker Actions, StarStaX, Panolapse, Sequence, GBTimelapse, and more. Numerous Photo 101 sections explaining the basic concepts of photography and video production (f-stops, ISOs, file types, aspect ratios, frame rates, compression, etc.). Numerous Astronomy 101 sections explaining the basics of how the sky works (how the sky moves, where the Moon can be found, when the Milky Way can be seen, when and where to see auroras). Reviews of gear – I don’t just mention that specialized gear exists, I illustrate in detail how to use popular units such as the Time-Lapse+, Michron, and TriggerTrap intervalometers, and the All-View mount, Radian, Mindarin Astro, eMotimo, and Dynamic Perception motion-control units, with comments on what’s good – and not so good – to use. You’ll learn — What are the best cameras and lenses to buy (cropped vs. full-frame, Canon vs. Nikon, manual vs. automatic lenses, zooms vs. primes). How to set your cameras and lenses for maximum detail and minimum noise (following the mantra of “exposing to the right” and using dark frames). How to shoot auroras, conjunctions, satellites, comets, and meteor showers. How to shoot nightscapes lit only by moonlit, and how to determine where the Moon will be to plan a shoot. How to shoot & stitch panoramas of the night sky and Milky Way, using Photoshop and PTGui software. How to shoot tracked long exposures of the Milky Way using camera trackers such as the iOptron Star Tracker and Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer. How to develop Raw files, the essential first step to great images and movies. How to process nightscape stills using techniques such as compositing multiple exposures, masking ground and sky, and using non-destructive adjustment layers and smart filters. How to shoot and stack star trail images made of hundreds of frames. How to assemble time-lapse movies from those same hundreds of frames. How to plan a time-lapse shoot and calculate the best balance of exposure time vs. frame count vs. length of shoot, and recommended apps to use. How to process hundreds of frames using Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge, Photoshop, and Lightroom. How to shoot and process advanced “Holy Grail” time-lapse transitions from day to night. How to shoot motion-control sequences using specialized dolly and pan/tilt devices. How to use time-lapse processing tools such as LRTimelapse, Panolapse, Sequence, and Advanced Stacker Actions. What can go wrong and how best to avoid problems in the field.

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography Author Neil Crighton
ISBN-10 9781847978486
Release 2014-06-30
Pages 192
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Every continent, country and region in the world has magnificent landscapes to photograph. Every season, climate and time of day has its own unique quality. This practical book describes how best to look at a scene and work with the elements within it to produce images that really encapsulate those elements and describe in visual terms the expanse, depth and beauty of a place. Explains how a digital camera produces a good landscape photograph, advises on themes, composition, selection, lighting and the use of software in the digital darkroom, and is illustrated with stunning photographs that show how the elements within a landscape, the changing seasons and the light combine to give the scene its feel and emotive quality. Aimed at photographers, travellers and journalists, and superbly illustrated with 213 stunning colour photographs.

How to Photograph Flowers

How to Photograph Flowers Author Heather Angel
ISBN-10 0811724557
Release 1998-01
Pages 131
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Heather Angel, internationally known nature photographer and author, describes equipment, film, lighting, composition, and special techniques for photographing flowers in the wild and in gardens. Straightforward explanations focus on the particular challenges of taking beautiful flower photographs, such as wind, light, and problem colors. The book also includes tips on making money from nature photography. 131 color photos.

John Shaw s Landscape Photography

John Shaw s Landscape Photography Author John Shaw
ISBN-10 081743710X
Release 1994
Pages 144
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An acclaimed nature photographer teaches that producing good photos means knowing how to control the tools of photography: camera equipment, lenses, film, light, and exposure. This guide covers the basics of photography and discusses the common problems and solutions in landscape work. 190 full-color illustrations.

How to Photograph Insects Spiders

How to Photograph Insects   Spiders Author Larry West
ISBN-10 0811724530
Release 1994
Pages 118
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Guide to capturing butterflies, spiders, bees, ants, and even scorpions on film. Provides expert instruction in close-up photography and new fill-flash techniques.

How to Photograph in Natural Light

How to Photograph in Natural Light Author George Schaub
ISBN-10 0811724646
Release 2000
Pages 117
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Understanding the effects of light on a subject is one of the most important elements of taking top-quality outdoor photographs. This richly illustrated guide discusses in detail the varying qualities of natural light -- how is affects metering, aperture selection, film speed, mood, and composition -- to help both beginning and experienced photographers improve their images. Practical techniques are offered for low-light situations, sunny skies, overcast days, clouds, reflections, shadows, haze, fog, and more. Includes a gallery of the author's work.

How to Photograph Close ups in Nature

How to Photograph Close ups in Nature Author Nancy Rotenberg
ISBN-10 0811724573
Release 1999
Pages 128
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Guide to macro-photography gear and techniques. How to recognize and compose intimate natural scenes.

How to Photograph Absolutely Everything

How to Photograph Absolutely Everything Author Tom Ang
ISBN-10 9781405334525
Release 2008-03-03
Pages 384
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Whatever you want to photograph, discover how to get it right every time 'A digital imaging bible.' Outdoor Photography on Digital Photographer's Handbook From still life to children's parties, make sure you're picture perfect with this concise guide from expert photographer and bestselling author Tom Ang. Follow straightforward photographs and instructions to discover what equipment you'll need, the best approach for each subject and to compose, light, frame and take shots. Checklists give instant advice on getting results, while tricks of the trade show you how to turn a good picture into a great one. Plus, pick up valuable tips on everyday photography, including passport shots and displaying items on eBay. Get clicking and get outstanding results every time.

Beginners Guide to Digital Photography

Beginners Guide to Digital Photography Author Steve Rutherford
ISBN-10 9780987457608
Release 2015-07-31
Pages 200
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This book, “The Beginners Guide to Digital Photography” is the main title book of the Beginners Digital Photography Book Series, and will take you through a journey to discover how to master your cameras, use all the setting with confidence and get great photographs; * ¥The unknown SECRET TOOLS that are built into your camera. * ¥The tricks and techniques you can use for every digital photography shot. * ¥The photography equipment that will turn your shots from boring to amazing. This book assumes that the student has limited knowledge in digital photography and the use of their own camera equipment. The information provided in this book is a compilation based on the experiences, trials and tests undertaken by Steve Rutherford, along with other photographic industry professionals, agencies and organizations. Steve Rutherford is a leading author, professional photographer and marketing expert. With over 70 international media accolades and awards in 3 countries, Steve is the Author of over a dozen books, and the founding publisher of One Shot Magazine. Steve is a highly engaging presenter and speaker and consults in the fields of creative photography training, online brand positioning and author marketing. Steve started in business in the photographic industry in 1998, and has since then become an enterprising entrepreneur turning the idea of a person into a published online brand on autopilot. His visual media clients include BT Financial Group, Salvation Army. James Cook University, Cairns Taipans NBL Team, Macquarie Bank, The Robb Report, Ray White Real Estate, and numerous small to medium business enterprises throughout Australia and the United States. Steve has been featured in a many magazine articles, and more recently he was featured in books by some of Australia’s most notable business authors. He also held his own regular radio segment with the ABC and AM radio talkback channels. Previously a high level manager within the Australian Federal Police and a Prison Officer with the notorious Long Bay Prison's Riot and Emergency Response Squad in Sydney, Australia, Steve Rutherford's background has been as diverse as the images he captures. From his previous photographic pursuits, Steve was awarded the titles of Master of Photography by the New Zealand photographic industry and Associate by the Australian photographic industry as well as in the United States of America. Steve was also the President of the North QLD Council of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and is highly regarded in the photographic industry. Steve Rutherford travels extensively, both for creative clients and to collect images for his own fine art and stock library. He has photographed extensively around Australia, NZ, Vanuatu, Fiji, New Caledonia, Indonesia, Hawaii, mainland USA, Alaska and Canada. Visit –