Horses of Myth and Legend

Horses of Myth and Legend Author Rayvin Brewer
ISBN-10 0995270511
Release 2016-12-02
Pages 84
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Horse lovers rejoice! Fill your world with color and magic with over 38 hand-drawn illustrations of horse inspired creatures out of myth and legend. All of your favorites bring the pages to life, unicorns, pegasus, kirin, sugar skulls, Sleipnir, steam powered and more! The artist's first book "Enchanting Equines" brought you the realistic, now enjoy the fantastic! Let those colors fly and enjoy the magical trip to a mystical world. -8x10 formatting for easy framing! -Quality illustrations, the cover matches the pages inside. -Over 38 unique hand-drawn illustrations by equine artist Rayvin Brewer. Pick up those pencils, gel pens, markers and glitter and make some magic!

The Mythology of Horses

The Mythology of Horses Author Gerald Hausman
ISBN-10 9780307824752
Release 2012-09-05
Pages 288
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An extraordinary collection of myths and facts about horses, their honored place in human history, and the mystique that has surrounded them in cultures around the globe. Horses have always held a mystical sway over the human imagination; no other creature has inspired the same reverence or cross-cultural fascination. The Mythology of Horses offers a comprehensive look at horse breeds around the world, exploring their heritage, physical attributes, and place in human society, as well as the folklore, popular mythology, and true stories surrounding each breed. In this evocative, one-of-a-kind reference, folklorists Gerald and Loretta Hausman present stories from breeders, Olympic equestrians, and cowboys, along with tales about famous horse owners from Buffalo Bill to Roy Rogers, Genghis Khan to Napoleon. Vividly capturing the aura that has surrounded horses throughout time, this collection will fascinate horse lovers of all kinds.

The Horse in Myth and Legend

The Horse in Myth and Legend Author Sophie Jackson
ISBN-10 0752438301
Release 2006
Pages 160
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Horses and other equine figures have for centuries been a significant part of British folklore. Their origins remain elusive and their symbolism is swathed in mysticism, but the relationship – spiritual or practical – between horse and human is one of life's strongest bonds. In this book, the role of horses – as sacred emblems and in ancient lore, as primitive chalk etchings on hillsides and in Christian symbolism and in superstitions and as magical beings – in myth and legend is given lively and thorough consideration. A must for all equine lovers and those who want to know more about the lore of the horse in history.

If You Had a Horse

If You Had a Horse Author Margaret Hodges
ISBN-10 0684182203
Release 1984-01-01
Pages 130
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Illustrations depict nine horses of folklore and classical literature, from the steeds of Norse mythology to Pecos Bill's Widow-Maker, and are accompanied by retellings of their stories

Horses in Myths Legends Folktales and Other Ancient Stories

Horses in Myths  Legends  Folktales  and Other Ancient Stories Author Pat Perrin
ISBN-10 1935178148
Release 2010-04
Pages 210
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Fabulous stories about horses collected and edited from myths, legends, folktales, and other sources. According to some of our most ancient tales, horses go beyond being beautiful, brave, strong, fast, and loyal. They also talk, they fly, they fight to protect their riders. These horses often have opinions of their own, and they¿re usually wiser than their human companions. They¿re magic! The works in this collection came from a variety of sources, all noted. The texts have been edited to replace obsolete words, simplify sentences, and clarify meaning¿without losing the voices of the original storytellers. Sixteen complete stories, charming illustrations, and four spreads on unicorns and other related creatures. The editor of this collection authored The Secret World of Unicorns. She has contributed to several volumes of retold myths and legends and two reference books on mythology.

The Horse in Magic and Myth

The Horse in Magic and Myth Author M. Oldfield Howey
ISBN-10 9780486120478
Release 2012-04-18
Pages 256
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Rich compilation of legend and lore from mythology, Bible, folklore, literature, other sources. Tales of headless horses, fairy horses, seahorses, plus associations with gods and patron saints, metempsychosis, creation myths.

Horses about Hope

Horses about Hope Author Maryann Pasda Diedwardo
ISBN-10 9781467827065
Release 2007-06-01
Pages 108
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We promote graphic art novella as a form to speak to others in a visual language with hand written text by the artist to add language to art.

The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology

The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology Author Robin Hard
ISBN-10 9780415186360
Release 2004
Pages 753
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This new edition is a completely rewritten and revised version of Rose's original, seminal, text. Adding a huge amount of new material, Robin Hard incorporates the results of the latest research into his authoritative accounts of all the gods and heroes. The narrative framework of the book includes helpful signposting so that the book can be used as work of reference, and alongside the narrative chapters, it includes full documentation of the ancient sources, maps, and genealogical tables. Illustrated throughout with numerous photographs and line drawings, it will remain the definitive account of ancient Greek mythology for generations to come.

Etruscan Myth Sacred History and Legend

Etruscan Myth  Sacred History  and Legend Author Nancy Thomson de Grummond
ISBN-10 1931707863
Release 2006-11-09
Pages 270
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Accompanying CD-ROM contains ... "all relevant illustrations from the book, arranged in alphabetical order according to mythological character. To increase the usefulness of the [CD-ROM], supplementary images not in the book have been added[.]"--P. xv.

Encyclopedia of Russian Slavic Myth and Legend

Encyclopedia of Russian   Slavic Myth and Legend Author Mike Dixon-Kennedy
ISBN-10 9781576070635
Release 1998
Pages 375
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Covers the myths and legends of the Russian Empire at its greatest extent as well as other Slavic people and countries. Includes historical, geographical, and biographical background information.

Indian Myth and Legend Illustrations

Indian Myth and Legend  Illustrations Author Donald Alexander Mackenzie
Release 2014-11-09
Pages 353
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Example in this ebook This volume deals with the myths and legends of India, which survive to us in the rich and abundant storehouse of Sanskrit literature, and with the rise and growth of Brahmanism, Buddhism, Jainism, &c. The reader is introduced to the various sacred works of the Hindus, including the ancient invocatory hymns of the four Vedas, the later speculative and expository “Forest Books” in which “the Absolute is grasped and proclaimed”, and those great epic poems the Rámáyana, which is three times longer than the Iliad, and the Máhábharata, which is four times longer than the Rámáyana. In no other country have the national poets given fuller and finer expression to the beliefs and ideals and traditions of a people, or achieved as a result wider and more enduring fame. At the present day over two hundred million Hindus are familiar in varying degrees with the legendary themes and traditional beliefs which the ancient forest sages and poets of India invested with much beautiful symbolism, and used as mediums for speculative thought and profound spiritual teachings. The sacred books of India are to the Hindus what the Bible is to Christians. Those who read them, or hear them read, are believed to be assured of prosperity in this world and of salvation in the next. To students of history, of ethnology, and of comparative religion they present features of peculiar interest, for they contain an elaborate sociology of the ancient Aryo-Indians, their political organizations, their codes of laws, their high ethical code, and above all their conceptions of God, the soul, and the Universe. Some knowledge of them is necessary for those who desire to approach with sympathy the investigation of the religious beliefs of our Hindu fellow men and to understand their outlook upon life and the world. The Introduction deals with various aspects of the study of these ancient myths and legends which have been the inspiration of a national literature infused with much grandeur and sublimity. The historic Aryan controversy, of which the science of comparative mythology is a by-product, is passed under review, and it is shown to what extent philological theories regarding race problems have been modified during recent years as a result of the adoption of broader and more exact methods of ethnic and archæological research and the ever-extending study of comparative mythology. There has also been condensed much important data dealing with the early phases of Aryo-Indian civilization accumulated for historical purposes by industrious and painstaking Sanskrit scholars who have been engaged in investigating and systematizing the internal evidence of the various religious poems and treatises. It will be found that no general agreement has yet been reached regarding Aryo-Indian chronology, but it now appears to be well established that although there were early cultural as well as racial “drifts”, fresh invasions, which had far-reaching results in the social and religious life of northern India, occurred at a late period in what is known as the Vedic Age. In consequence, the problem presented by this ancient civilization tends rather to grow more complex than to become simplified. Its origin is still wrapped in obscurity. At the very dawn of history Aryo-Indian culture had attained a comparatively high state of development, and a considerable period must be allowed for its growth. To be continue in this ebook

Encyclopedia of Beasts and Monsters in Myth Legend and Folklore

Encyclopedia of Beasts and Monsters in Myth  Legend and Folklore Author Theresa Bane
ISBN-10 9780786495054
Release 2016-04-25
Pages 428
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Here there be dragons--this notation was often made on ancient maps to indicate the edges of the known world and what lay beyond. Heroes who ventured there were only as great as the beasts they encountered. This encyclopedia contains more than 2,200 monsters of myth and folklore, who both made life difficult for humans and fought by their side. Entries describe the appearance, behavior, and cultural origin of mythic creatures well-known and obscure, collected from traditions around the world.

The Horses of Hemlock Hall

The Horses of Hemlock Hall Author Sarah Harvey
ISBN-10 9781784622435
Release 2015-05-28
Pages 240
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In a dark and lonely attic, far away and long forgotten, stood a rocking horse. Down his great cobweb strewn face, a single teardrop ran, tracing its path through the dust on his cheek before dropping in a splash onto the wooden planks below… Lalla lives for Saturdays and her riding lesson, so she is dismayed to hear that not only will she be missing her visit to the stables this week, but she is being packed off to the west country to spend a week of the Easter hols with a great aunt and uncle she has never met before. She protests but her father’s mind is made up, he knows she will be safe and well cared for there while he takes her mother away for a few days – after all, what could possibly happen in sleepy Devon? However, 'Hemlock Hall' has a history and it is not long before Lalla finds herself caught up in fulfilling a task set 400 years ago by Monsieur de Chevalaine, a warlock who once lived there. The task is to seek and return four mythical horses to its secret valley and sanctuary. This has to be completed by a descendant of the warlock who must also be an only child of an only child. Lalla meets the oddly dressed boy Hal and the quest begins, but she is not alone in trying to track the horses down.The wicked Professor Alwyn Mortlake from Slorterham Laboratories has her own designs on them. Nor will Lalla be an only child for much longer as she learns that her parents’ trip has been cut short and the baby her mother is expecting is now due to arrive sooner than expected. Time is not on her side and this will be a ride she will never forget. Set in the 1980s, The Horses of Hemlock Hall is a thrilling children’s story that will appeal to fans of fantasy fiction aged 9 and above.


Horses Author Catherine Johns
ISBN-10 0674023234
Release 2006
Pages 192
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Chronicles the diverse roles the horse has played in human warfare, travel, ceremony, hunting, racing, and myth and symbolism as viewed in this collection of four-color illustrations of British Museum artworks and artifacts that trace perceptions of the horse through time and space.

Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustangs

Wild Horse Annie and the Last of the Mustangs Author David Cruise
ISBN-10 1439168466
Release 2010-03-16
Pages 320
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

Heroes of Myth and Legend

Heroes of Myth and Legend Author Charles Lamb
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433068188311
Release 1903
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Heroes of Myth and Legend has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Heroes of Myth and Legend also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Heroes of Myth and Legend book for free.

Celtic Myth and Legend

Celtic Myth and Legend Author Charles Squire
ISBN-10 0486425118
Release 2003-02-01
Pages 464
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The legends of ancient Britain retain a profound allure for readers around the world, assuring a warm reception for this introduction to the colorful pageant of Celtic myth. Its wondrous tales range from the oft-told deeds of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table to the less-familiar adventures of the mighty Finn and his Fenians, Ulster's Champions of the Red Branch, and other figures from the Gaelic pantheon. Tracing the exploits of kings and saints back to their earliest origins, the author reveals the pagan roots beneath the medieval Christianity and follows the stories' transformations into the fairy tales of the Victorian age. Minimal use of scholarly notes and a highly accessible style make this reader-friendly volume an ideal steppingstone in the path toward the magic cauldron of Celtic myth.