Choice Chance Circumstance

Choice  Chance   Circumstance Author Diane Silverman
ISBN-10 9781452571010
Release 2013-04
Pages 116
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Diane takes the mystery out of heart's desires and miracles. You will be amazed at the happiness that results from following her step-by-step guidance. Make the choice to read where miracles come from and why everyone can have them, regardless of their past. Take the chance to follow the step-by-step guidance Be amazed at the happy circumstances that result Then you will know heart's desires and miracles are available whenever you desire them.

Kidfree and Lovin It Whether by Choice Chance Or Circumstance

Kidfree and Lovin  It    Whether by Choice  Chance Or Circumstance Author Kaye D. Walters
ISBN-10 0986001422
Release 2012-11
Pages 326
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Twice as many people today are not having children than 30 years ago. In an unprecedented survey, Kaye Walters has polled over 4,000 non-parents from 59 countries to find out why--in their words--they chose not to parent, and the issues they face for not doing so. "Kidfree & Lovin' It " speaks to all types of non-parents--single or coupled, male or female--whether they are "childfree by choice," "kidfree by circumstance," "childless" or "on the fence." Here's a sampling of what's inside: - Hundreds of insightful quotes about kids, parenting and non-parenting from both the "childfree" and "childed." - A look at the reasons why people have kids, and a thorough examination of why others don't. - The Kidfree Bingo Card containing common cliche comments ("bingos") used to pressure you into procreating. - A list of creative comebacks to use when you get blindsided by one of the "bingos" mentioned above. - An exclusive list of over 260 notable non-parents from past to present--peppered with their quotes on the subject. - Dozens of resources for non-parents worldwide, including groups, websites, books and a pithy glossary of terms. "Kidfree & Lovin' It " is the most complete guide to living as a non-parent published to date.

Chance and Choice or the Education of circumstance Tale I The Young Governess Tale II Claudine de Soligny

Chance and Choice  or  the Education of circumstance  Tale I  The Young Governess  Tale II  Claudine de Soligny Author
ISBN-10 BL:A0017514896
Release 1850
Pages 416
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Chance and Choice or the Education of circumstance Tale I The Young Governess Tale II Claudine de Soligny has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chance and Choice or the Education of circumstance Tale I The Young Governess Tale II Claudine de Soligny also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chance and Choice or the Education of circumstance Tale I The Young Governess Tale II Claudine de Soligny book for free.

Nature in Modernity

Nature in Modernity Author Stephen Duguid
ISBN-10 1433109328
Release 2010
Pages 316
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Nature in Modernity: Servant, Citizen, Queen or Comrade explores the origins and implications of the mastery of nature agenda within Western culture and argues that there is a long-standing parallel «shadow» tradition grounded instead in mutuality, respect and reciprocity. This is explored in a series of chapters that focus on our hunter-gatherer heritage, the shift to a more sedentary and agricultural life and the subsequent emergence of mastery of self and nature as the dominant cultural objective. The impact of this mastery agenda on the natural environment is explored and a case made that our current ecological crisis has its origins in this tradition of mastery. A counter tradition is examined, identifying a range of cultural tools grounded in alternative traditions, tools that can be used to create a culture of care, mutuality and reciprocity in which it will be logical to welcome nature in all its complexity as a fellow citizen.

Chance and Circumstance

Chance and Circumstance Author Carolyn Brown
ISBN-10 9780307575609
Release 2009-12-23
Pages 656
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The long-awaited memoir from one of the most celebrated modern dancers of the past fifty years: the story of her own remarkable career, of the formative years of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, and of the two brilliant, iconoclastic, and forward-thinking artists at its center—Merce Cunningham and John Cage. From its inception in the l950s until her departure in the l970s, Carolyn Brown was a major dancer in the Cunningham company and part of the vibrant artistic community of downtown New York City out of which it grew. She writes about embarking on her career with Cunningham at a time when he was a celebrated performer but a virtually unknown choreographer. She describes the heady exhilaration—and dire financial straits—of the company’s early days, when composer Cage was musical director and Robert Rauschenberg designed lighting, sets and costumes; and of the struggle for acceptance of their controversial, avant-garde dance. With unique insight, she explores Cunningham’s technique, choreography, and experimentation with compositional procedures influenced by Cage. And she probes the personalities of these two men: the reticent, moody, often secretive Cunningham, and the effusive, fun-loving, enthusiastic Cage. Chance and Circumstance is an intimate chronicle of a crucial era in modern dance, and a revelation of the intersection of the worlds of art, music, dance, and theater that is Merce Cunningham’s extraordinary hallmark. From the Hardcover edition.

Reflections From Outside the Margins

Reflections From Outside the Margins Author Robert Miller
ISBN-10 1452009112
Release 2010-04-08
Pages 100
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The book is a collection of reflections of the author about life issues. These reflections are about many of the questions that most of us deal with on a daily basis. The book sometimes deals with these issues in a humorous way, sometimes sarcastic. Central to the book are scriptures that support and give direction to these everyday topics. The book endeavors to give the reader help in dealing with topics that are struggles; it also brings into focus our real place in life and how to arrive at answers to difficult questions. The author intends to reach out to those of us who are living on the fringe of life.

Living by Chance Or by Choice

Living by Chance Or by Choice Author Neva Coyle
ISBN-10 1556614861
Release 1994
Pages 223
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Citing numerous examples where biblical characters faced overwhelming circumstances and incredible decisions, the authors show how to face and manage even the toughest stuff life dishes out. Clearly and specifically, they show readers how to recover from bad choices, and handle everyday decisions with strength and courage.


ISBN-10 9781491824474
Release 2013-11
Pages 184
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Success by Choice Not By Chance gives a road map which clearly shows the potential for any one to succeed in life whether they came from Tupelo, Mississippi or was born on Wall Street. This book is about Ernie Tucker who defied the laws of success and has lived a charmed life by following the principles of having faith, repetition, imagination and above all persistence. He says "success has no room for excuses - it is all up to you". It is a choice one makes not a chance one takes, because chances is gambling and depends on the roll of the dice. It shows you that if you have a clearly defined objective and is willing to make the necessary sacrifices, in the long run your dream will become your reality. The book entails what he had faced, handled and triumphed over to become the success that he is. It is his dream to leave a legacy to the coming generations of whomsoever wishes to succeed be it family, friend or stranger. Embedded in the pages are elements of the will, wit and determination it took to get him there. It says that success is accessible but it is all up to you. To embrace the principles that took him there, you must follow his proven method for success. It shows you that success is a constant pursuit not an overnight affair. It is in fact for Ernie a true fulfillment of Martin Luther's dream that black men and white men could work together in unity. Since success is not a respecter of persons when Ernie's principles of faith are enacted, regardless of your color, creed, race or national origin, success will be attained when you step out in faith and have a vision of your goals.

Choice Not Chance

Choice Not Chance Author Joanne P. McCallie
ISBN-10 9781118231227
Release 2012-01-31
Pages 240
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Foreword by Mike Krzyzewski, Duke’s Men Basketball Coach A celebrated coach reveals the secrets to building a fierce competitor At age 26, Joanne P. McCallie, a.k.a. Coach P, began her career at Maine, where in the span of eight years, she elevated the women's basketball program to a very competitive team that outdrew the men's crowds, a rarity in college sports. Over her tenure, she created the Choice Not Chance (CNC) philosophy, training kids how to think and focus on making the correct choices in life. She imparted her passionate philosophy to all of her players and now brings it to her efforts as head coach at Duke. Choice Not Chancehighlights McCallie's lessons for building a fierce competitor, such as "Going against the grain," "Never become satisfied," and "Enjoy the prospect of getting better daily." The CNC philosophy is widely used by McCallie, her staff, and players, who are very active in the community speaking about "CNC." Joanne P. McCallie is head coach of the Duke Women's Basketball team and was the ACC Coach of the Year in 2010 McCallie became the first coach in Division I history to be crowned champion in four different conferences, as well as the first coach in NCAA history to garner coach of the year accolades in four different leagues A native of Brunswick, Maine, McCallie owns a career mark of 431-174 and is entering her 20th year as a head coach at Maine, Michigan State and Duke; as a coach and player, she has led her teams to 15 conference titles, 19 NCAA Tournament appearances, seven NCAA Sweet 16 appearances, five NCAA Elite Eight appearances, three NCAA Final Four appearances and three NCAA Championship game appearances During the 2004-05 season at Michigan State, she won the Big Ten Regular Season and Tournament Championship en route to a National Championship game appearance. For her efforts she was named the Associated Press National Coach of the Year McCallie has taught her teams to play with passion and fight hard for recognition, and her teams have achieved remarkable success. Apply her wisdom to your teams, your employees, and your own life.

Chance and circumstance

Chance and circumstance Author Lawrence M. Baskir
ISBN-10 UOM:49015000287921
Release 1978
Pages 312
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Chance and circumstance has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Chance and circumstance also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Chance and circumstance book for free.

Contractarianism and Rational Choice

Contractarianism and Rational Choice Author Peter Vallentyne
ISBN-10 0521391342
Release 1991-02-22
Pages 339
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In this anthology, prominent moral and political philosophers offer a critical assessment of Gauthier's theory.

Social Choice and Justice

Social Choice and Justice Author Kenneth Joseph Arrow
ISBN-10 0674137604
Release 1983
Pages 229
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Unlike the papers of some other great economists, those of Kenneth Arrow are being read and studied today with even greater care and attention than when they first appeared in the journals. The publication of his collected papers will therefore be welcomed by economists and other social scientists and in particular by graduate students, who can draw from them the deep knowledge and the discernment in selection of scientific problems that only a master can offer. The author has added headnotes to certain well-known papers, describing how he came to write them. In this first volume, Arrow takes up the basic question of whether collective choices can be made in such a way as to reflect individual preferences. The seminal 1950 paper that opens the volume shows that given certain reasonable conditions that social choices must satisfy to reflect individual preferences, it is impossible to make a choice among all sets of alternatives without violating some of the conditions. The subsequent papers extend, deepen, and clarify these results and examine the concept of justice, both in the abstract and in economic models. The volume also contains searching critiques of the theories of justice of John Rawls and Robert Nozick.

Taking Advance Directives Seriously

Taking Advance Directives Seriously Author Robert S. Olick
ISBN-10 1589014170
Release 2001-07-18
Pages 248
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In the quarter century since the landmark Karen Ann Quinlan case, an ethical, legal, and societal consensus supporting patients' rights to refuse life-sustaining treatment has become a cornerstone of bioethics. Patients now legally can write advance directives to govern their treatment decisions at a time of future incapacity, yet in clinical practice their wishes often are ignored. Examining the tension between incompetent patients' prior wishes and their current best interests as well as other challenges to advance directives, Robert S. Olick offers a comprehensive argument for favoring advance instructions during the dying process. He clarifies widespread confusion about the moral and legal weight of advance directives, and he prescribes changes in law, policy, and practice that would not only ensure that directives count in the care of the dying but also would define narrow instances when directives should not be followed. Olick also presents and develops an original theory of prospective autonomy that recasts and strengthens patient and family control. While focusing largely on philosophical issues the book devotes substantial attention to legal and policy questions and includes case studies throughout. An important resource for medical ethicists, lawyers, physicians, nurses, health care professionals, and patients' rights advocates, it champions the practical, ethical, and humane duty of taking advance directives seriously where it matters most-at the bedside of dying patients.

Should abortion remain a personal choice

Should abortion remain a personal choice Author Bonnie Szumski
ISBN-10 0899087671
Release 1986
Pages 31
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Should abortion remain a personal choice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Should abortion remain a personal choice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Should abortion remain a personal choice book for free.

Five Bold Choices

Five Bold Choices Author Jay Coughlan
ISBN-10 9781424553150
Release 2017-01-01
Pages 192
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There are times in our life when we feel stuck. Our noble desires for a successful career and family life get bogged down or derailed by the challenges before us. Whether it be a difficult circumstance or our own limiting beliefs and fears, we can’t seem to get past what holds us back. Jay Coughlan was confronted with a personal hell that started with making a terrible choice to drive home after drinking with his father. This decision resulted in a horrific car crash that killed his dad. Jay provides a remarkable story of perseverance from convicted felon to successful CEO. Five Bold Choices helps you break free from the barriers that prevent you from realizing your untapped potential. What if the things you fear and avoid are portals to your success and significance as a leader at work and at home? No one seeks trials, but they can put us on a pathway toward realizing our true purpose and potential. In this book, Jay Coughlan and best-selling author Larry Julian map out five bold choices that can get you unstuck and enjoying the journey God intended for your life. This book will not only inspire you to triumph over your most challenging issues, it will provide a practical plan to persevere and realize the true potential that lies within you.

The Myths of the North American Indians

The Myths of the North American Indians Author Lewis Spence
ISBN-10 9780486156842
Release 2012-08-09
Pages 496
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Rich anthology of the myths and legends of the Algonquins, Iroquois, Pawnees, and Sioux: warrior rivalries, steadfast love, and victory over powerful forces. Extensive historical and ethnological commentary. 36 illustrations.

Complete Without Kids

Complete Without Kids Author Ellen L. Walker
ISBN-10 9781608320738
Release 2010-12-07
Pages 159
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Examines the rewards and challenges childfree adults face living in a world that celebrates traditional families, offering advice on how to cope with the pressure of friends and family to have children, taking advantage of leisure time, and financial considerations.