Cake Magic

Cake Magic Author Caroline Wright
ISBN-10 9780761189015
Release 2016-07-12
Pages 288
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Choose a batter, flavor with syrup, add a frosting—it’s magic! Want something decadent and fudgy? Darkest Chocolate Cake + Caramel Syrup + Malted Milk Chocolate Frosting + crushed candy bars = Candy Bar Cake. Or how about a nutty cake like the Elvis: Peanut Butter Cake + Bacon Syrup + Nutella Frosting, topped with candied bacon. Fit for the king, indeed! This innovative and remarkably easy way to bake luscious, flavorful cakes is a formula for cake bliss. Cake Magic! is a full-color visual cookbook—photos in the front, recipes in the back—and the first step in every baker’s cake adventure. It includes valuable baking tips, vegan and gluten-free variations, plus how to tweak the recipes to make sheet cakes, Bundt cakes, and cupcakes, too.

Cake Magic

Cake Magic Author Kate Shirazi
ISBN-10 1862059179
Release 2011
Pages 224
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Cake Magic contains a collection of delicious, irresistible and easy-to-follow recipes for a wide range of cakes. There are recipes that are ideal for novice cooks, as well as sophisticated recipes for more adventurous cooks. Cake Magic is filled with treats to feed the whole family and all tastes. From everyday cakes such as basic fruit cakes to posh subversive wedding cakes. Of course there are chocolate cakes and cheesecakes, and for tea time there are Chelsea buns, macaroons fondant fancies and meringues. Written in Kate Shirazi's fun and irreverent style, Cake Magic will have you dashing to the kitchen to fill it with the heady aromas of home-baked goodies.

Magic Cakes

Magic Cakes Author Christelle Huet-Gomez
ISBN-10 9781743583913
Release 2015-09-10
Pages 72
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Three cakes in one, this is every cake-lovers dream! Composed of just eggs, sugar, flour, butter and milk, and with a super simple preparation method, at first glance these recipes look just like any other cake recipe. But the magic in these cakes is in the cooking. Baked at a low temperature, the cake mixture divides itself into three layers, each with a distinct texture and taste: a dense, moist cake base; a delicate cream filling; and a light and fluffy sponge to top it off. The result is a cake like you've never tasted before - an explosion of textures and flavours in a moreish cake you just can't have one bite of!

The Magic Cake Shop

The Magic Cake Shop Author Meika Hashimoto
ISBN-10 9780375898747
Release 2011-10-25
Pages 176
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Emma Burblee couldn't be more different from her parents if she tried. She'd rather dig for treasure in a park than try on the latest fashions or discuss her vain parents' favorite subject: themselves. When Emma mortifies her parents at a dinner party, her punishment is immediate. She must spend the summer with her Uncle Simon—a loathsome man with a huge appetite for food and get-rich-quick schemes. Although Emma's days revolve around cooking and cleaning, there is one bright spot. Her uncle's sweet tooth means she gets to visit the town bakery, Mr. Crackle's Cake Shop, all the time. This world-renowned baker is as charming and kind as Uncle Simon is vile. But then Emma discovers a plot by Uncle Simon and one of his shady acquaintances; they've set their sights on ruining Mr. Crackle (and the entire dessert making industry for that matter). Can Emma stop their evil plan? First-time author Meika Hashimoto's effervescent tale, filled with funny characters and adventures, will have readers checking their cupboards for mouth-watering ingredients and secret portals. From the Hardcover edition.

Cherry The Cake Fairy

Cherry The Cake Fairy Author Daisy Meadows
ISBN-10 9781408318690
Release 2011-11-03
Pages 80
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When Rachel and Kirsty meet on the ferry to Rainspell Island one summer holiday, they have no idea that such incredible adventures with the fairies await them! in this first book in the series, Rachel and Kirsty meet Ruby the Red Fairy at the end of the rainbow...

Rainbow Magic Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy

Rainbow Magic  Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy Author Daisy Meadows
ISBN-10 9781408325094
Release 2013-04-04
Pages 80
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All of Kirsty's friends and family have come to her birthday party - but her cake has disappeared! Jack Frost has stolen Kirsty's birthday cake and Nina the Birthday Cake Fairy's magical charm. Can the girls catch him before all birthday cakes are spoiled forever? Join Rachel and Kirsty and meet a new fairy friend in each magical adventure!


ISBN-10 0590222953
Release 1995
Pages 32
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A book about kitchen chemistry.

Magic Cakes

Magic Cakes Author Kathleen Royal Phillips
ISBN-10 9780762463060
Release 2017-10-03
Pages 128
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Magic Cakes is your easy, no-hassle guide to the latest, Pinterest-fueled baking craze! If you dream of a layered cake, but want to avoid the endless, complicated steps it takes to make one, then you're going to fall in love with magic cakes. With only a single batter that magically transforms into three layers of custardy, fudgey, spongey cake, you can have an easy dessert that looks like it took hours to put together (and tastes like it, too!) This book contains 40 recipes for cakes, frostings, icings, and other delightful extras that are simple to make and difficult not to devour. Magic cakes can be your classic chocolate or vanilla, a tiramisu cake reimagined, or even an unconventional cardamom-scented sweet potato cake if you're feeling adventurous. Top each treat with a frosting or a simple dusting of powdered sugar, and you've got yourself a magical dessert to savor and enjoy!

Cupcake Magic

Cupcake Magic Author Kate Shirazi
ISBN-10 1862058105
Release 2008
Pages 112
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Kate Shirazi makes beautiful and irreverently decorated cupcakes with eggs from her own free-range flock of (battery rescue) hens - they are cupcakes with both conscience and attitude. Combining a no-nonsense approach to cooking and an insatiable appetite for cake, here is a collection of delicious new recipes and fun designs for cupcakes. A lively, colourful book packed with baking tips, captivating new cake designs, modern photography and delightful illustrations, it is split into low-faff, middling-faff and high-faff recipes, with ideas for both sweet and savoury, children’s and adult’s, seasonal and special occasion designs. Importantly, there is also a section devoted to ingredients and equipment and not to forget the author's hens and the significance of using free-range eggs. The author writes in such an informal style, and with such enthusiasm and humour, that the reader is borne along on her passion for cupcakes!

Party Fairies 1 Cherry the Cake Fairy

Party Fairies  1  Cherry the Cake Fairy Author Daisy Meadows
ISBN-10 9780545356800
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 80
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The Party Fairies' magic is missing --- and the Fairyland jubilee is going to be a flop! This is our tenth group of Rainbow Magic fairies; all seven books in the group will be released at once. It's party time! A big bash for King Oberon and Queen Titania is underway in Fairyland. The Party Fairies keep everything running smoothly, until Jack Frost's goblins steal their magic party bags. Now parties everywhere aren't festive --- they're a flop! It's Kirsty's birthday, but her cake could be ruined! Goblins are stealing candles and stomping in icing. Can Cherry the Cake Fairy make Kirsty's special day sweet again? Find the magic party bag in each book and save celebrations everywhere!

The Witch s Dog and the Magic Cake

The Witch s Dog and the Magic Cake Author Frank Rodgers
ISBN-10 0140384685
Release 1999
Pages 64
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Wilf, the Witch's dog, has baked a cake. But before Wilf and his friends can eat it, Sly Cat and Tricky Toad cast a spell that makes the cake grow bigger and bigger and then float away. Wilf's quick thinking - and a little bit of magic - stop the giant magic cake before it causes a terrible accident.

Do Ants Have Assholes

Do Ants Have Assholes Author Jon Butler
ISBN-10 9781402247392
Release 2009-04-01
Pages 192
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"Every year, one funny book seems to stand out from all the others. This year, it's Do Ants Have [Assholes]?…a rip-roaring parody" Spectator "The book being touted as this year's can't-miss, downstairs-loo-fixture of a dead-cert publishing-phenomenon-sensation" Guardian "A very funny spoof of pop-science collections" Daily Telegraph A venerable and historic newspaper, the Old Geezer is read and respected by the world's most conscientious, upright citizens. When these beacons of respectability have serious questions, they turn to the Old Geezer's "Questions and Answers" page. Do Ants Have Assholes? collects the enlightening answers to thought-provoking questions such as: If you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant, what do you do? How many men would it take to kill an elephant with their bare hands? If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do they all have to drown? Are "crabs" related to crabs? What if there were no hypothetical questions?

Bet on My Heart

Bet on My Heart Author J.M. Jeffries
ISBN-10 9781460379615
Release 2015-04-01
Pages 224
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They're turning up the heat! French-trained chef Donovan Russell needs a change—a big one. So he's trading in his five-star Parisian kitchen for the restaurants at his grandmother's up-and-coming Reno casino. Donovan's cooking techniques are flawless. It will be culinary perfection…as soon as he convinces his spirited and unconventional new pastry chef to follow his rules! Hendrix Beausolies never follows recipes. Her desserts are a mouthwatering riot of complex flavors, each more delicious than the last. Where Donovan is all structure and precision, Hendrix cooks with instinct and experimentation. But when someone starts sabotaging their kitchens, they are forced to work together… Will they discover a shared passion for more than just food?

The Complete Book of Spells Ceremonies and Magic

The Complete Book of Spells  Ceremonies  and Magic Author Migene González-Wippler
ISBN-10 0875422861
Release 1978
Pages 376
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Offers comprehensive coverage of the history of magic rituals and practices throughout the world, presenting information on voodoo, ancient Egyptian and Hebrew magic, palm reading, secret symbols, astrology, exorcism and spells to overcome enemies and obtain wealth

The Magic Birthday Cake

The Magic Birthday Cake Author Antony Lishak
ISBN-10 0006647111
Release 1998-12
Pages 32
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The Magic Birthday Cake has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Magic Birthday Cake also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Magic Birthday Cake book for free.

Magic Apples

Magic Apples Author Lee Steels
ISBN-10 9781457507274
Release 2011-11
Pages 376
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MAGIC APPLES is a daily reader with 366 reflections to mull. The topics are broad in scope with a liberal approach. Drawn from the author's experience as a teacher, parent, coach, musician and big kid, the reflections are an eclectic mix of food for thought. Every 6th day is a silly story intended to produce those healing endorphins we all need to keep our equilibrium. There are plenty of opportunities to laugh, cry and to agree or disagree. If you need to escape from autopilot and enhance your life-long learning skills, MAGIC APPLES should give you lots to chew on. If you desire a modern approach to traditional tales, new ways to love your fellowtravelers and the chance to laugh at the human condition, a magic apple each day will be to your delight.

Baking Magic

Baking Magic Author Sabrina Hartford
ISBN-10 1543243177
Release 2017-02-21
Pages 90
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Weave baking magic - A collection of the very best cake and cookie recipes! Each recipe is thoroughly broken down into easy-to-follow steps, allowing you to effortlessly whip up some truly magical creations, including: Chocolate Mousse Crepes Fairy Queen Cakes Giant Pizza Cookies Strawberry and Chocolate Ice Cream Cake Pink Swirls Ombre Cake Peppermint Truffles Champagne Cake with Strawberries Rainbow Cake ...and many more. Nutritional information and a full list of ingredients is provided for each recipe. All recipes are suitable for vegetarians. Includes 3 FREE additional bonus Christmas recipes! 25 recipes in total + 3 Bonus recipes