Death Undercover

Death Undercover Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9781848664036
Release 2014-05-22
Pages 400
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PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED AS CHILDREN OF WAR Bruno, chief of police, is under pressure. He's investigating a murder - one his bosses would rather he left alone... Bruno, chef de police in the French town of St Denis, is already busy with a case when the body of an undercover French Muslim cop is found in the woods, a man who called Bruno for help only hours before. But Bruno's sometime boss and rival, the Brigadier, doesn't see this investigation as a priority - there are bigger issues at stake. Bruno has other ideas. Meanwhile, a Muslim youth named Sami turns up at a French army base in Afghanistan hoping to get home to St Denis. One of Bruno's old army comrades helps to smuggle Sami back to France, but the FBI aren't far behind. Then an American woman appears in St Denis with a warrant for Sami's extradition. Bruno must unravel these multiple mysteries, amidst pressure from his bosses, and find his own way to protect his town and its people.

The Resistance Man

The Resistance Man Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9781780870731
Release 2013-06-06
Pages 352
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In St Denis, Bruno, chef de police, can't get a moment's rest. Some rare bank notes have come to light that may have links to the legendary Neuvic train robbery in 1944. The investigation is fraught with issues. Bruno is also dealing with a wave of local burglaries, which have brought his old flame, Isabelle and their complicated history back to the town. Worse is to come. Tasked with piecing together these past crimes, Bruno now finds he has the more pressing matter of a body on his hands. He must now trace the links between past and present to restore peace in St Denis.

Bruno Chief of Police

Bruno  Chief of Police Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9780307271464
Release 2009-03-24
Pages 288
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Meet Benoît Courrèges, aka Bruno, a policeman in a small village in the South of France. He’s a former soldier who has embraced the pleasures and slow rhythms of country life. He has a gun but never wears it; he has the power to arrest but never uses it. But then the murder of an elderly North African who fought in the French army changes all that. Now Bruno must balance his beloved routines—living in his restored shepherd’s cottage, shopping at the local market, drinking wine, strolling the countryside—with a politically delicate investigation. He’s paired with a young policewoman from Paris and the two suspect anti-immigrant militants. As they learn more about the dead man’s past, Bruno’s suspicions turn toward a more complex motive. This edition includes an excerpt from Martin Walker's The Devil's Cave. Bonus material! Martin Walker is often asked by his readers for vacation recommendations in the area where his best-selling series is set. In "A Perfect Weekend in Perigord," Walker shares his itinerary for an ideal vacation in this picturesque region.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9781849169172
Release 2010-07-29
Pages 305
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France's Périgord region is the proud home of the famed black truffle, the 'Black Diamond'. Yet reports are coming in that this treasured asset is being adulterated with an inferior Chinese substitute, affecting the value of the genuine article. Chief of Police Bruno Courrèges is called in to investigate. Meanwhile, tension is brewing in Saint Denis. A Vietnamese market stall has been vandalized by a Chinese gang, leaving inter-country relations at breaking point. Then, as if to prove that bad things come in threes, murder rears its ugly head. Bruno can't help but wonder if these problems are connected. When his suspicions are confirmed, Bruno finds himself facing a very present danger, one brought about by a long-buried feud tracing all the way back to France's colonial past.

The Dying Season

The Dying Season Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 178429568X
Release 2016-03-03
Pages 342
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The Dying Season has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Dying Season also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Dying Season book for free.

Fatal Pursuit

Fatal Pursuit Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9781784294601
Release 2016-06-02
Pages 400
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The real life disappearance of 'the most beautiful car ever made' sparks a compelling new case for Bruno, chief of police The Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic was called the most beautiful car of all time. Only four of them were ever built. A California museum paid $37 million for one; Ralph Lauren bought another; a third was smashed by a train at a level crossing. The fourth disappeared in France during World War 2. It was the car used by British racing ace, William Grover Williams, twice winner of the French and Monaco Grand Prix, who became an undercover agent in Occupied France. The latest adventure in the Bruno series of mystery novels starts from this true story. Two young men, both racing drivers with a passion for antique cars, compete to find new clues as to the car's hiding place in the Perigord region of France where Bruno is the local chief of police. When a local researcher turns up dead on Bruno's patch, and French intelligence starts investigating the use of classic car sales to launder money for funding Islamic terrorism, Bruno finds himself once more caught up in a case that reaches far beyond his small town and its people. With the bucolic charm and gourmet cooking that are the hallmarks of this series, Bruno's latest adventure finds him falling in love again as he races to find the murderer and to track down the fate of the most beautiful car ever made.

Dark Vineyard

Dark Vineyard Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9781849166539
Release 2010-04-01
Pages 320
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In the Périgord town of St Denis, Captain Bruno Courrèges is pulled from sleep by the wail of the local fire engines. A nearby barn is engulfed in flame, the surrounding fields ablaze. Everything points to arson. At the same time, a California wine maker wants to set up a huge vineyard in the valley. Despite the money this would bring in, many fear it would destroy their little town. When another outrage follows the crop burning, it looks like someone is prepared to do anything to stop the scheme - and Bruno will have to draw on all his local knowledge to get to the truth.

The Templars Last Secret

The Templars  Last Secret Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9781101946817
Release 2017-06-13
Pages 336
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Bruno, the beloved chief of police in the idyllic French town of St. Denis, is back! This time a mysterious death brings ancient secrets to light, and it's up to our hero--and favorite gourmand--to connect the tangled threads of past and present When a woman's body is found at the foot of a cliff near St. Denis, Bruno suspects a connection to the great ruin that stands on the cliff above: the Château de Commarque, a long-ago Knights Templar stronghold which, along with the labyrinth of prehistoric caves beneath it, continues to draw the interest of scholars. With the help of Amélie, a young newcomer to the Dordogne, Bruno learns that the dead woman was an archaeologist searching for a religious artifact of incredible importance, the discovery of which could have dramatic repercussions throughout the Middle East--not to mention in St. Denis. And the woman's ties to Islamic terrorists can only heighten the pressure on Bruno to unravel the centuries-old mystery. Meanwhile, an old flame of Bruno's is assigned to work with him on the case, and the two find time, naturellement, to enjoy the supreme pleasures of the wine, food, and beauty of the Dordogne.

The Devil s Cave

The Devil s Cave Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 1471261271
Release 2014-06-01
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Bruno, Chief of Police, returns to investigate a case of Satanism in the South of France Springtime in St Denis. A female body has been found on a boat, bearing the ghastly signs of a black magic ritual. The victim is unknown and nobody is coming forward. This is the last thing Bruno needs, with too much on his plate as it is. But Bruno soon finds himself back at his best; which is just as well if he's to solve the mystery that's threatening to scar his town's reputation.

The Crowded Grave

The Crowded Grave Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9780857389572
Release 2011-10-29
Pages 320
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Bruno's day has not started well. The Saint Denis Chief of Police is busy. A French-Spanish summit to be held in a local chateau is being threatened by Basque separatists, and animal rights campaigners are causing havoc at the foie gras farms. Up to his ears with ETA and PETA, he's not even had time for lunch. And it's about to get worse. A local archaeological team, digging for evidence of prehistoric man, unearths a well-preserved skeleton. Yet it's a lot more recent than they'd hoped - boasting a Swatch on its wrist and a bullet-hole in its skull. With an influx of visitors making Saint Denis almost as crowded as the excavation's grave, the key appears to lie with one of these outsiders. Bruno must think fast, and keep his wits about him. Especially as the answer may lie a little closer to home.

The Patriarch

The Patriarch Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9780385354189
Release 2015-08-11
Pages 336
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The tenth installment in the delightful, internationally acclaimed series featuring Chief of Police Bruno. Bruno Courrèges is thrilled when he receives an invitation to the lavish birthday celebration of his childhood hero, World War II flying ace Marco “the Patriarch” Desaix. But when the party ends in the death of one of Marco’s longtime friends, Gilbert, it turns into another day on the job for St. Denis's chief of police. All signs point to a tragic accident, but Bruno isn’t so sure, for there is more to the Desaix family's lives and loyalties than meets the eye. There’s Victor, the Patriarch’s son and Gilbert's sometimes rival, and Victor’s seductive wife, Madeleine, whose roving eye intrigues Bruno even more than her fierce political ambitions. Not to mention the Patriarch himself—did his postwar Soviet ties intersect too closely with Gilbert’s career in Cold War intelligence? As Bruno’s entanglement with the Desaix family becomes more complicated, his inquiries into Gilbert’s life will become a deadly threat to his own.

Grand Prix

Grand Prix Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9783257607895
Release 2017-04-26
Pages 384
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Es ist Hochsommer im Périgord und Hochsaison für ausgedehnte Gaumenfreuden und Fahrten mit offenem Verdeck durch malerische Landschaften. Eine Oldtimer-Rallye, von Bruno, Chef de police, organisiert, bringt auch zwei besessene junge Sammler nach Saint-Denis. Sie sind auf der Jagd nach dem begehrtesten und wertvollsten Auto aller Zeiten: dem letzten von nur vier je gebauten Bugattis Typ 57SC Atlantic, dessen Spur sich in den Wirren des Zweiten Weltkriegs im Périgord verlor. Ein halsbrecherisches Wettrennen um den großen Preis beginnt.


Eskapaden Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 3257069685
Release 2016-04-27
Pages 352
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Eskapaden has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Eskapaden also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Eskapaden book for free.

Bruno Chef de police

Bruno Chef de police Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 3257261217
Release 2014-12-17
Pages 436
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Bruno Chef de police has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bruno Chef de police also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bruno Chef de police book for free.

A Market Tale

A Market Tale Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9781101873977
Release 2014-12-02
Pages 32
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A charming tale from the Périgord heartland, featuring the internationally beloved Bruno, chief of police. A Vintage eBook Original Short. Between the seventeenth-century mairie and the stone bridge over the river that winds through town, the village of St. Denis hosts its weekly market, as well-stocked with local gossip as with fresh produce and pâtés. As summer blooms, the newest talk of the town is the rapport between Kati, a Swiss tourist, and Marcel, a popular stall owner whom Kati meets over his choice strawberries. None are happier than police chief Bruno to see Marcel, a young widower, interested in love again, but as his friend’s romance deepens, Bruno senses trouble in the form of Marcel’s meddlesome sister Nadette. Even as Kati begins to put down roots in St. Denis, vending her delicious baking in the market, it seems the overbearing Nadette will stop at nothing to make her feel unwelcome. When her schemes reach the limits of law, Bruno takes it upon himself to set things right. An eBook short.

A Taste for Vengeance

A Taste for Vengeance Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9780525519973
Release 2018-06-12
Pages 352
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A missing woman, a shocking pregnancy, a dash of international intrigue, and a bottle or two of good Bergerac: it's another case for Bruno, Chief of Police. When a British tourist fails to turn up for a luxurious cooking vacation in Bruno's usually idyllic Dordogne village of St. Denis, the worried hostess is quick to call on Bruno for help. Monica Felder is nowhere to be found, and her husband, a retired British major, is unreachable. And not long after Bruno discovers that Monica was traveling with a mysterious Irishman (her lover?), the two turn up dead. The Irishman's background in intelligence and his connection to Monica's husband only raise more questions for Bruno. Was she running away? How much does her husband really know? What's the real story behind a scandal buried in the threesome's military past? Meanwhile, the star of the girls' rugby team, a favorite of Bruno's, is pregnant, putting at risk her chances of being named to the French national squad. Bruno's search for the truth in both cases leads him to places he hadn't intended to go--but, as ever, he and his friends take time to savor the natural delights of the Dordogne. Santé!

Bruno and le Pere Noel

Bruno and le Pere Noel Author Martin Walker
ISBN-10 9781443434652
Release 2013-12-17
Pages 20
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It’s the last market day before Christmas and Bruno, Chief of Police, is preparing for a traditional gastronomic feast. But, never off duty for long, Bruno is called to action when he receives information that a prisoner on parole has gone missing, last seen heading for St. Denis, where his ex-wife and son live. The goose, the oysters, his English girlfriend’s Christmas pudding and Bruno’s famous mulled wine will just have to wait…