Becoming Batman

Becoming Batman Author E. Paul Zehr
ISBN-10 9780801896217
Release 2009-11-17
Pages 320
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A fun foray of escapism grounded in sound science, Becoming Batman provides the background for attaining the realizable—though extreme—level of human performance that would allow you to be a superhero.

Becoming Batman

Becoming Batman Author E. Paul Zehr
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Battling bad guys. High-tech hideouts. The gratitude of the masses. Who at some point in their life hasn't dreamed of being a superhero? Impossible, right? Or is it? Possessing no supernatural powers, Batman is the most realistic of all the superheroes. His feats are achieved through rigorous training and mental discipline, and with the aid of fantastic gadgets. Drawing on his training as a neuroscientist, kinesiologist, and martial artist, E. Paul Zehr explores the question: Could a mortal ever become Batman? Zehr discusses the physical training necessary to maintain bad-guy-fighting readiness while relating the science underlying this process, from strength conditioning to the cognitive changes a person would endure in undertaking such a regimen. In probing what a real-life Batman could achieve, Zehr considers the level of punishment a consummately fit and trained person could handle, how hard and fast such a person could punch and kick, and the number of adversaries that...


Batman Author Liam Burke
ISBN-10 9781783200177
Release 2013
Pages 178
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From his debut in a six-page comic in 1939 and to his most recent portrayal by Christian Bale in the blockbuster 'The dark knight rises', Batman is perhaps the world's most popular superhero. The continued relevance of the caped crusader could be attributed to his complex character, his dual identity, or his commitment to revenge and justice. But, as the contributors to this collection argue, it is the fans who have kept Batman at the forefront of popular culture for more than seven decades. Fan Phenomena: Batman explores the unlikely devotion to the Dark Knight, from his inauspicious beginnings on the comic book page to the cult television series of the 1960s and on to critically-acclaimed films and video games of today. Considering everything from convention cosplay to fan fiction that imagines the Joker as a romantic lead, the essays here acknowledge and celebrate fan responses that go far beyond the scope of the source material.

Batman and Philosophy

Batman and Philosophy Author Mark D. White
ISBN-10 9780470532805
Release 2009-05-04
Pages 304
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Why doesn't Batman just kill the Joker and end everyone's misery? Can we hold the Joker morally responsible for his actions? Is Batman better than Superman? If everyone followed Batman's example, would Gotham be a better place? What is the Tao of the Bat? Batman is one of the most complex characters ever to appear in comic books, graphic novels, and on the big screen. What philosophical trials does this superhero confront in order to keep Gotham safe? Combing through seventy years of comic books, television shows, and movies, Batman and Philosophy explores how the Dark Knight grapples with ethical conundrums, moral responsibility, his identity crisis, the moral weight he carries to avenge his murdered parents, and much more. How does this caped crusader measure up against the teachings of Plato, Aristotle, Kant, Kierkegaard, and Lao Tzu?

Inventing Iron Man

Inventing Iron Man Author E. Paul Zehr
ISBN-10 9781421404882
Release 2013-11-01
Pages 224
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If you’ve ever wondered whether you have what it takes to be the ultimate human-machine hero, then this book is for you.

Neil Gaiman and Philosophy

Neil Gaiman and Philosophy Author Tracy L. Bealer
ISBN-10 9780812697919
Release 2012-06-19
Pages 288
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Neil Gaiman is the imaginative wizard behind the best-selling novels American Gods (soon to be an HBO series) and The Anansi Boys, the graphic series The Sandman, and popular children’s books like Coraline and The Graveyard Book. Neil Gaiman and Philosophy looks at Gaiman’s work through a philosophical lens. How does fantasy interact with reality and what can each tell us about the other? Do we each have other selves who embody different personal qualities? If the unknown influences the known, is the unknown just as real as the known? What makes people truly valuable? In Neil Gaiman and Philosophy, eighteen philosophers explore Gaiman’s best-loved and unforgettable worlds: The Graveyard Book, a macabre parallel to The Jungle Book, in which the boy Bod is raised by the supernatural inhabitants of a graveyard. Coraline, in which a girl neglected by her parents finds another world with an Other Mother who pays her a lot of attention, but then turns out to be evil and won’t let her go. Neverwhere, in which a London man discovers a magical parallel city, London Below. The Sandman, best-selling comic books in which the Lord of Dreams attempts to rebuild his kingdom after years of imprisonment. Good Omens (with Terry Pratchett) treats biblical prophecy, the Antichrist, and the End Times as a hilarious comic tale, filled with sly but good-humored twists and turns. MirrorMask, where a young circus girl finds that the pictures she has drawn have given her access to a fantastic world of light and shadow, populated with characters who have designs on her.

Superheroes and Philosophy

Superheroes and Philosophy Author Thomas V. Morris
ISBN-10 9780812695731
Release 2005
Pages 281
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A collection of essays by various authors that explore how superheroes deal with a variety of philosophical issues.

Improving the Foundations

Improving the Foundations Author Julian Darius
ISBN-10 9781466214323
Release 2011
Pages 264
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This definitive, unauthorized study of Christopher Nolan's landmark 2005 film demonstrates how BATMAN BEGINS adapted and fused a half century of comic books into a single, unified movie. This book also examines past attempts to film Batman's origins, how those origins evolved over time, and where Nolan's realism falls on a spectrum with past Batman movies and even the 1960s TV show. Dr. Julian Darius manages to reveal secrets to even the most hardcore Batman fan, while remaining fully accessible to those new to the character. From Sequart Research & Literacy Organization. More info at http: //

52 Vol 1 New Edition

52 Vol  1   New Edition Author Geoff Johns
ISBN-10 9781401270261
Release 2016-06-21
Pages 584
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Four of the most critically acclaimed writers in comicsÑGeoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Mark WaidÑare joined by breakdown artist Keith Giffen and a host of the industryÕs finest pencillers and inkers to create this unprecedented event in comics history. DCÕs groundbreaking publication of the weekly comic 52 tells the story of a ÒmissingÓ year in the DC UniverseÑin real time. The cataclysmic events of INFINITE CRISIS have left the world without its three biggest iconsÑSuperman, Batman and Wonder Woman_and the question is asked: who will stand up in their absence? Now, in the first of two volumes, 52 is collected with bonus material after each chapter, including concept designs, page breakdowns, scripts, alternate story elements, and more! Collects 52 #1-26.

52 Vol 1

52 Vol 1 Author Geoff Johns
ISBN-10 9781401243739
Release 2013-03-05
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After the INFINITE CRISIS, the DC Universe spent a year without Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman-a year in which those heroes were needed more than ever as the fate of the world hung in the balance. 52 features the best and brightest writers from the comic-book field including Geoff Johns (INFINITE CRISIS), Grant Morrison (ALL STAR SUPERMAN), Greg Rucka (WONDER WOMAN) and Mark Waid (KINGDOM COME), working together to tell the tale of a world awakening from a nightmare to face a new day.

The Untold Legend of the Batman 1980 1

The Untold Legend of the Batman  1980    1 Author Len Wein
ISBN-10 PKEY:T0868400015001
Release 2017-10-12
Pages 21
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ÒIN THE BEGINNINGÉÓ After he receives in the mail the remnants of the Batman costume his father once wore and discovers its empty display case adorned with a threatening note, the Caped Crusader recalls the events that led to his becoming Batman and his earliest cases where he met James Gordon and brought the people responsible for his parents' deaths to justice.

Batman Unauthorized

Batman Unauthorized Author Dennis O'Neil
ISBN-10 UOM:39015073667761
Release 2008
Pages 219
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Presents a collection of essays that explore the character of Batman in comic books, film, and television.

The Essential Batman Encyclopedia

The Essential Batman Encyclopedia Author Robert Greenberger
ISBN-10 9780345501066
Release 2008
Pages 388
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A reference covering the complete history of the Dark Knight furnishes entries that provide details on Batman's history and origins, profiles of characters, descriptions of featured places, and an overview of the hero's adventures.

K c k Ari

K  c  k Ari Author Chris Cleave
ISBN-10 6054263374
Release 2009-04-01
Pages 344
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K c k Ari has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from K c k Ari also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full K c k Ari book for free.

Batman Beyond Vol 1 Escaping the Grave

Batman Beyond Vol  1  Escaping the Grave Author Dan Jurgens
ISBN-10 9781401273279
Release 2017-07-04
Pages 144
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Writer DAN JURGENS (ACTION COMICS), artist BERNARD CHANG (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) and colorist MARCELO MAIOLO (GREEN LANTERN CORPS) bring Terry McGinnisÕ Batman back to the future in BATMAN BEYOND VOLUME 1: ESCAPING THE GRAVE as a part of DC Rebirth! As the future Gotham City recovers from global catastrophe, a familiar face is ready to wear the cowl of the Batman once again. Terry McGinnis has returned to defend his city as Batman, and his family and friends couldnÕt be happier. But another resurrection threatens to destroy all Terry holds dear. Rumors are spreading like wildfire that the original Joker lives-and the brutal crime lord called Terminal and his sadistic gang of Jokerz are waging war in the streets to prepare for the Clown PrinceÕs second coming. Just days after becoming Batman again, Terry must take up the fight against the greatest foe heÕs ever faced. When the dust clears, will the joke be on him? Collects BATMAN BEYOND: REBIRTH #1 and BATMAN BEYOND #1-5 in this great new jumping-on-point graphic novel!

Batman Unmasked

Batman Unmasked Author Will Brooker
ISBN-10 9781623567521
Release 2013-09-20
Pages 368
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Over the sixty years of his existence, Batman has encountered an impressive array of cultural icons and has gradually become one himself. This fascinating book examines what Batman means and has meant to the various audiences, groups and communities who have tried to control and interpret him over the decades. Brooker reveals the struggles over Batman's meaning by shining a light on the cultural issues of the day that impacted on the development of the character. They include: patriotic propaganda of the Second World War; the accusation that Batman was corrupting the youth of America by appearing to promote a homosexual lifestyle to the fans of his comics; Batman becoming a camp, pop culture icon through the ABC TV series of the sixties; fans' interpretation of Batman in response to the comics and the Warner Bros. franchise of films.

Batman Beyond 2 0 Justice Lords Beyond

Batman Beyond 2 0  Justice Lords Beyond Author Kyle Higgins
ISBN-10 9781401259181
Release 2015-03-17
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The Justice Lords hail from an alternate universe where the Justice League decided to enforce law and order through and means necessary...and then took it too far, becoming despots. Years ago the Justice League defeated them, and Wonder Woman returned to their world with them to make sure they stayed in check. But something went wrong. Now, Wonder Woman is back in the world of Batman Beyond, and Superman and Bruce Wayne sense that she’s hiding something. As Terry McGinnis takes a dangerous trip to the Justice Lords’ world to find out Wonder Woman’s secrets—and encounters a version of himself whose life took a very different path—the Justice Lords return to our Earth in search of Wonder Woman. Can the Justice League of the future hope to defeat versions of themselves that are just as powerful but more ruthless? Or will the world of the future become another conquest for Lord Superman? Writers Kyle Higgins (NIGHTWING) and Christos Gage (BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT) and artists Thony Silas (Venom) and Dexter Soy (Captain Marvel) take the fan-favorite villains from the JUSTICE LEAGUE animated series into the world of Batman Beyond and transformed them into the Justice Lords Beyond! (Collects BATMAN BEYOND UNIVERSE #9-12)!