Book of Lairs for 5th Edition

Book of Lairs for 5th Edition Author Wolfgang Baur
ISBN-10 1936781700
ISBN-13 9781936781706
Year 2016-10-25
Pages 108
Language English
Publisher Kobold Press
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Fight the Monster in its Den If You Dare Book of Lairs brings you 24 great monster lairs for 5th Edition play of the world s greatest roleplaying game Each of these exciting and unusual battlegrounds comes with a complete short adventure including a hook area hazards tactics and treasures Stage your 5th Edition fights in unforgettable locations like Alchemist s Guildhall Necromancer s Cistern Den of the Rotten Kings Lost Halls of Everforge Citadel of the Void Dragon Tomb of the Scorpion Prince Imperial Ghoul Outpost Umbral Vampire Lair Sky Stairs of Beldestan And 15 more Designed by some of the top names in the RPG industry Book of Lairs is sure to add an aura of wonder and mystery to your game Book of Lairs uses standard monstesr as well as surprising new creatures from teh Tome of Beasts and both monster books are required for maximum playability A DM s version of each lair map is included with numbered locations An additional digital map pack is available from Kobold Press for use with a projector or for online play

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